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MS Mechanical Engineering/MBA Combined Degree Program

The joint MS/MBA program is a 72 credit program including 27 credits taken in the Mechanical Engineering department and 45 credits taken in the College of Business. We count two courses in both programs because their subject matter overlaps both disciplines.


Students qualifying for the MS Mechanical Engineering/MBA joint degree will be allowed to enter the program directly following their bachelors degree without having previously obtained a masters degree.

Under other circumstances, the College of Business usually requires students to have an advanced degree or 5 years of business experience to enter their 48 credit MBA program.

Admissions Process:

The admissions process starts with an application to the MS in Mechanical Engineering program. Please indicate that you would like to participate in the joint MBA degree program. Those applicants accepted by the Mechanical Engineering Department for the MS degree are then forwarded to the College of Business for review and approval. The College of Business accepts the admissions information required of the Mechanical Engineering program so that applicants will not have to provide any further information or take any additional tests for the joint program. We expect students seeking to enter the joint degree to address their interests in such a program in their personal statement, which is part of all graduate student applications.

Completion of Program:

To complete the MS in the joint degree, students must take MEC 585 (Total Quality Management) and MBA 589 (Operations Management) along with 8 (non thesis option) or 5 (thesis option) MEC approved courses. MEC 585 and MBA 589 will be double counted in both degrees reducing the combined 30+48 credits by 6 for a total of 72 credits.

Upon completion of the entire program, students will receive both degrees. If any joint degree student elects for any reason not to complete the joint degree program, but completes the degree requirements for one of the programs, the student would receive a degree in the completed program. For instance, if a student in the joint degree program decides after the first semester not to pursue the MBA but completes all the requirements of the MS degree - 10 MS courses or 7 courses plus a thesis, the student would receive an MS degree in Mechanical Engineering. The converse would be true if a student completes the degree requirements for the MBA but elects not to complete the MS portion of the joint degree.


For information, please contact the College of Business at:

State University of New York at Stony Brook

College of Business, Office of Student Services

Harriman Hall, Room 109

Stony Brook, NY 11794-3775

Phone: (631)632-7171

Fax: (631)632-8181

Or visit the Mechanical Engineering department.