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MD/MBA Degree Program

The College of Business and the Medical School have created a combined MD/MBA program. The purpose of the combined degree program is to prepare students for a management career in the health care field. The MD/MBA program combines a 4 year MD degree and a 48 credit MBA degree. It includes 6 credits of overlap (see below for details).

Admissions Process:

The admissions process starts with an application to the Graduate Program in Medicine. Please indicate that you wish to participate in the combined degree program. Those applicants accepted by the Graduate Program in Medicine for the MD degree are then forwarded to the College of Business for review and approval. The College of Business accepts the admissions information required by the Medical School so that applicants will not have to take any additional tests for the combined program. The only information that you will need to send directly to the College of Business are official copies of your transcripts from all institutions of higher learning. Official transcripts are kept on file both at the Medical School and the West Campus Graduate School. We expect students seeking to enter the combined degree program to address their interests in such a program in their personal statement, which is part of all graduate student applications.

Completion of Program:

The College of Business currently offers a 48 credit MBA degree (16 courses) for students with an advanced degree. Students in the combined MD/MBA degree complete MBA courses including finance, financial accounting, marketing, leadership, technological innovation, operations management, ethics and law, and business planning. Students are expected to either complete the majority of their MBA degree prior to starting their Medical degree or after they have completed the medical degree. Due to the rigorous structure of the medical program you should not be taking classes from both programs during a given semester. There are two courses that overlap between both programs to integrate the two degrees. These courses are MBA 507 - Ethics in Management and MBA 522 - Industry Project which will be taken as electives in the medical program and will also count towards the MBA degree. Students receive both degrees upon completion of the entire program. If a student decides to leave before completing both degrees, he or she would receive the MD or MBA if he or she completed the course requirements for one of the degrees.

For information, please contact the College of Business at:

State University of New York at Stony Brook

College of Business, Office of Student Services

Harriman Hall, Room 109

Stony Brook, NY 11794-3775

Phone: (631)632-7171

Or contact the School of Medicine at:

School of Medicine

Grace Agnetti, MS.Ed.

Office of Admissions

Health Sciences Center, L4 - Room 147A

Stony Brook University

Stony Brook, NY 11794-8434

Tel: 631.444.2113

Fax: 631.444.6032