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Cecilia Feng

Associate Professor


PhD, Temple University

Office:   337 Harriman Hall

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Dr. Cecilia (Qian) Feng is an associate professor of accounting and serves as the director of MS in Accounting at the College of Business at Stony Brook University. She received her PhD in accounting from the Fox School of Business at Temple University in 2015. She also holds an MBA from the Fox School. Her research interests are in the area of accounting information systems and include topics relating to IT leadership, the SEC’s eXtensible business reporting language (XBRL) mandate, and information security breach incidents. Her papers have been published in leading academic journals such as Journal of Management Information Systems, Accounting Horizons, Accounting and Business Research, Journal of Information Systems, and International Journal of Information Systems. Dr. Feng is currently serving and will be on the editorial board of Journal of Information Systems from 2023 - 2025.

Dr. Feng has received the “Best Graduate Instructor” teaching award at Stony Brook University in 2018. She has taught at the graduate and undergraduate levels and supervised students in independent research studies and teaching practicum.

In addition, Dr. Feng is actively serving as a reviewer at various academic journals such as Management Science, Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, Journal of Information Systems, Journal of Strategic Information Systems, and Information Systems Frontiers. She is also presenting, reviewing, discussing, and serving as session chair at national and international academic conferences.

Research Publications:

"Businessperson or Technologist: Stock Market Reaction to the Alignment between CIO Background and Firm Strategy" with Rajiv D. Banker and Paul A. Pavlou, Journal of Management Information Systems, 2022, Volume 39, Issue 4.

"CEO Facial Masculinity and Accounting Conservatism” with Keval Amin, Peng Guo, and Hong You, Accounting and Business Research, 2022.

"Information processing costs and firms’ investment efficiency: An examination of channels of the XBRL effect" with Chansog (Francis) Kim, Journal of Information Systems, 2021, Volume 35, No. 3.

“The Impact of Information Security Breach Incidents on CIO Turnover” with Rajiv D. Banker, Journal of Information Systems, 2019, Volume 33, No. 3.

“Does CIO Risk Appetite Matter? Evidence from Information Security Breach Incidents” with Tawei (David) Wang, International Journal of Accounting Information Systems, 2019, Volume 32.

“XBRL, Audit Fees, and Audit Report Lag” with Keval Amin and John Daniel Eshleman, Accounting Horizons, 2018, Volume 32, Issue 1.

Media Coverage:
ZDNet, “What is a CISO? Everything you need to know about the Chief Information Security Officer role”, 3/2/2020

LSE Business Review, “Data breaches and the fate of the IT director”, 10/31/2019

ZDNet, “How to give constructive feedback without upsetting someone: Three top tips”, 10/8/2019

Research: Economic consequences of strategic alignment of IT leadership, determinants of performance and compensation, implications of SEC’s XBRL mandate, information security breach incidents

Teaching: Accounting Information Systems
Forensic Accounting
Financial Accounting
Managerial Accounting