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Stacey Finkelstein

Associate Professor, Marketing

PhD, University of Chicago, Booth School of Business

Office:  Harriman Hall

Research Interests: Motivation, Self-Regulation, Transformative Consumer Research, Health, Health Decision Making, Healthcare, Ethics

Teaching Interests: Marketing Strategy; Consumer Behavior; Marketing Research; Consumer Insights; Marketing & Society; Digital Marketing

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  • Biography

    Biography of Stacey Finkelstein

    I earned my PhD and MBA from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business in 2011. Broadly speaking, I conduct research at the intersection of marketing and consumer well-being. My work draws on research from marketing, psychology, economics, and sociology to solve real world problems consumers face. I have explored when healthy food labels make people hungry (Finkelstein & Fishbach, 2010), when negative feedback is motivating as a function of expertise (Finkelstein & Fishbach, 2012), how relationship depth impacts the provision of negative feedback (Finkelstein, Fishbach, & Tu, 2017), how risk attitudes impact medical appointment scheduling behavior (Liu et al., 2017; Finkelstein et al., 2017), how changes to vaccination policy impacts parent's vaccination behaviors for their children (Finkelstein et al., 2020; Sherman et al., in process), and the impact of choice architecture on consumer’s savings, organ donation, eating, and shopping decisions (McKenzie, Liersch, & Finkelstein, 2006; Cravener et al., 2015; Thomas et al., 2020). In recognition of my work, I received the American Marketing Association (AMA) Marketing and Society Special Interest Group (MASSIG) Early Career Award in 2019.

    I am currently on the Editorial Review Board (ERB) of the Journal for Marketing Research, the Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, the Journal of Consumer Affairs, and Appetite. I am also guest-editing a special issue on Marketing and Consumer Well-being in the journal Appetite. I was also on the ERB for the Journal of Consumer Research from 2016-2018.

  • Awards & Honors

    Awards & Honors

    Award NameDescriptionOrganizationStatusMonthDayYear
    Transformative Consumer Research GrantTransformative Consumer ResearchReceived2021
    American Marketing Association Marketing and Society Sig Early Career Scholar AwardReceived2019
    Outstanding Reviewer AwardJournal of Public Policy and MarketingReceived2017
    Phi Beta KappaReceived2006
  • Education


    SchoolDegreeMajorDate CompletedDistinction
    University of Chicago, Booth School of BusinessPhDBusiness2011
    University of Chicago, Booth School of BusinessMBA2010
    University of California, San DiegoBAEconomics2006
    University of California, San DiegoBAPsychology2006
  • Scheduled Teaching

    Scheduled Teaching

    Course NamePrefixNumberSectionCreditsLevelSemesterYear
    Integrated Marketing ManagemenMKT56713GraduateSpring2022
    Marketing & SocietyMKT534303GraduateSpring2022
    Marketing StrategyBUS44823UndergraduateFall2021
    Marketing StrategyBUS44833UndergraduateFall2021
    Integrated Marketing ManagemenMKT567303GraduateSpring2021
    Marketing StrategyBUS44813UndergraduateSpring2021
    Marketing StrategyBUS44823UndergraduateSpring2021
    Marketing StrategyBUS44823UndergraduateFall2020
    Marketing StrategyBUS44833UndergraduateFall2020
    Marketing StrategyBUS44813UndergraduateSpring2020
    Marketing StrategyBUS44823UndergraduateSpring2020
    Marketing StrategyBUS44823UndergraduateFall2019
    Marketing StrategyBUS44833UndergraduateFall2019
    Marketing and Society MKT534013GraduateSpring2019
    Marketing StrtgyMKT567303GraduateSpring2019
    Consumer InsightsMKT565303GraduateFall2018
    Cnsumr BhvrMKT555303GraduateSpring2018
    Consumer BehaviorMKT555313GraduateSpring2018
  • Publications


    TypeClassificationStatusTitleJournal NamePublisherPublication YearVolIssuePageLink
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipAcceptedScarcity in COVID-19 Vaccine Supplies Reduces Perceived Vaccination Priority and Increases Vaccine HesitancyPsychology & Marketing2021
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipAcceptedPhysical risk messaging enhances favorable attitudes towards mask wearingJournal of Consumer Affairs
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedOmission Bias Predicts Reluctance to Vaccinate due to Greater Perceived Culpability for Negative Side Effects Journal of Consumer Affairs2021
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipAcceptedTransformative Consumer Research and Public Policy and Marketing Research: Distinct, Yet Complementary, ApproachesJournal of Public Policy & Marketing
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedPsychological Reactance Impacts Ratings of Pediatrician Vaccine-Related Communication Quality, Perceived Vaccine Safety, and Vaccination Priority among U.S. ParentsHuman Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics2020
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipAcceptedConsumer Responses to Shopper Solutions in Service SettingsJournal of Services Marketing
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedWhen Variety Is Not the Spice of Life: The Influence of Perceived Relationship Self-Threat on Variety SeekingAppetite2019136154-159
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedNegative Associations with Frozen Compared with Fresh VegetablesAppetite2018
    Book ChapterBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedPreventing Food Waste and Promoting Healthier Eating among Low Income Families in Industrial Nations2017
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedWhen waiting to see a doctor is less irritating: Understanding patient preferences and choice behavior in appointment schedulingManagement Science2017641975-1996
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedWhen friends exchange negative feedbackMotivation and Emotion201741169-83View
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedWhen open access might not work: Understanding patient attitudes in appointment schedulingHealth Care Management Review2017View
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedHelping lower income parents reduce the risk of food waste resulting from children's aversion to healthier food options: Comment on Daniel (2016)Social Science and Medicine2016150286-289View
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedFeeding Strategies Derived from Behavioral Economics and Psychology Can Increase Vegetable Intake in Children as Part of a Home-Based Intervention: Results from a Pilot StudyJournal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics2015115111798-1807
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedI will risk a stranger’s money, but not my own or my friend’s money: Effect of proximity of the money source to the self on financial risk-takingMarketing Letters2015264501-512View
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedDissociation from beloved unhealthy brands decreases preference for and consumption of vegetablesAppetite201592192-199View
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedIs There a “Fair” in Fair-Trade? Social Dominance Orientation Influences Perceptions of and Preferences for Fair-Trade ProductsJournal of Business Ethics20151301171-180View
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedA new model for nurse practitioner utilization in primary care: Increased efficiency and implicationsHealth Care Management Review201439110-20View
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedMotivation resulting from completed and missing actionsAdvances in Experimental Social Psychology201450257-307View
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedDevelopment and psychometric testing of the nurse practitioner primary care organizational climate questionnaireNursing Research2013625325-334View
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedAppointment reminder systems and patient preferences: Patient technology usage and familiarity with other service providers as predictive variablesHealth Informatics Journal201319279-90View
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedTell me what i did wrong: Experts seek and respond to negative feedbackJournal of Consumer Research201239122-38View
    Book ChapterBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedHow feedback influences persistence, disengagement, and change in goal pursuit2012203-230View
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedWhen healthy food makes you hungryJournal of Consumer Research2010373357-367View
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedRecommendations implicit in policy defaultsPsychological Science2006175414-420View
  • Presentations


    Perceived scarcity in COVID-19 vaccine supplies reduces vaccination priority and acceptancePaperConferenceAmerican Marketing Association Winter ConferenceBasic or Discovery Scholarship2022
    Don't Play the Scarcity Card: Perceived Scarcity in COVID-19 Vaccine Supplies Reduces Vaccination Priority and AcceptancePaperConferenceAssociation for Consumer ResearchBasic or Discovery ScholarshipOctober2021
    Mitigating the Threat of Resource Strain on Intellectual Diversity in Consumer Behavior: Systemic and Individual SolutionsOtherConferenceAssociation for Consumer ResearchBasic or Discovery ScholarshipOctober2021
    Discussant: JACR "Racism and Discrimination in the Marketplace" Boutique ConferenceConferenceBasic or Discovery ScholarshipJune2021
    JPPM 40th Anniversary SessionPaperSessionMarketing and Public Policy Basic or Discovery ScholarshipJune2021
    JACR Workshop on how to conduct racism and discrimination researchOral PresentationPanelAssociation for Consumer ResearchBasic or Discovery ScholarshipJanuary2021
    Association for Consumer Research Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness Pre-ConferenceOtherPanelAssociation for Consumer ResearchAssociation for Consumer ResearchBasic or Discovery ScholarshipOctober2020
    A Roundtable Exploring Health Care & Marketing: Understanding its Complexity and Working Towards a More Comprehensive Research AgendaOral PresentationRoundtableMarketing and Public Policy ConferenceAmerican Marketing AssociationBasic or Discovery ScholarshipMay2020
    Cultural Appropriation or Cultural Exchange? The Role of Perceived Group Status and Feelings of Understanding on Evaluations and Choices of Traditional Cultural ProductsOral PresentationConferenceSociety for Personality and Social Psychology ORBasic or Discovery ScholarshipFebruary2019