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Sandro Brusco

Professor, Finance

PhD, Stanford University

Office:  N617 Social & Behavioral Sciences (SBS)

Research Interests: Game Theory, Corporate Finance

Teaching Interests: Microeconomics, Corporate Finance, Industrial Organization

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  • Biography

    Biography of Sandro Brusco

    Sandro Brusco earned a Ph.D. in Economic Analysis and Policy from the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University. He is currently Professor of Economics at the Department of Economics and the College of Business of Stony Brook University. His research focuses on game theory and mechanism design, looking both at pure theory and applications, especially in corporate finance and political science. It has appeared in many top-ranked academic journals, including the Review of Economic Studies, the Journal of Finance, the International Economic Review, Games and Economic Behavior and the Journal of Economic Theory.

  • Awards & Honors

    Awards & Honors

    Award NameDescriptionOrganizationStatusMonthDayYear
    Excellence in Refereeing Award2007-2008American Economic ReviewReceived2007
  • Education


    SchoolDegreeMajorDate CompletedDistinction
    Stanford UniversityPhD1993
  • Scheduled Teaching

    Scheduled Teaching

    Course NamePrefixNumberSectionCreditsLevelSemesterYear
    International FinanceBUS33113UndergraduateFall2021
    Probability and Statistics forFIN540303GraduateFall2021
    International FinanceBUS33113UndergraduateFall2020
    Probability and Statistics forFIN540303GraduateFall2020
    Probability and Statistics forFIN54013GraduateFall2019
    Introduction to Business StatisticsBUS21513Fall2018
    Management EconomicsMBA50123GraduateFall2017
    Game Theory IECO60423GraduateFall2015
    Industrial Organization IECO63613GraduateFall2015
    Intermed Microeconomic TheoryECO30320UndergraduateSpring2015
    Intermed Microeconomic TheoryECO303R034UndergraduateSpring2015
    Intermed Microeconomic TheoryECO303R044UndergraduateSpring2015
    Game Theory IECO60413GraduateFall2014
    Industrial Organization IECO63613GraduateFall2014
    Corporate FinanceECO38913UndergraduateFall2013
    Industrial Organization IECO63613GraduateFall2013
    Industrial Organization IECO63613GraduateFall2012
    Microeconomics IECO50010GraduateFall2012
    Microeconomics IECO500R013GraduateFall2012
    Microeconomics IECO500R023GraduateFall2012
    Game Theory IIECO60513GraduateSpring2012
    Microeconomics IECO50010GraduateFall2011
    Microeconomics IECO500R013GraduateFall2011
  • Publications


    TypeClassificationStatusTitleJournal NamePublisherPublication YearVolIssuePageLink
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublished“Internal Financing, Managerial Compensation and Multiple Tasks”Annals of Finance202016501-527
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublished“The Hotelling-Downs Model with Runoff Voting”Games and Economic Behavior2012742447–469.
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublished“The Economics of Contingent Re-auctions”American Economic Journal: Microeconomics,201132165–193
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublished“Split–Award Auctions with Uncertain Scale Economies: Theory and Data”Games and Economic Behavior20106924–41
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublished“Simultaneous Ascending Auctions with Complementarities and Known Budget Constraints”Economic Theory200938105 -124
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublished“The ‘Google Effect’ in the FCC’s 700 MHz Auction”Journal of Information Economics and Policy200921
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublished“Budget Constraints and Demand Reduction in Simultaneous Ascend- ing Bid Auctions”,The Journal of Industrial Economics200856113-142
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublished“Efficient Mechanisms for Mergers and Acquisitions”2007483995-1035
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublished“Liquidity Coinsurance, Moral Hazard and Financial Contagion”Journal of Finance2007LXII52275-2302
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublished“On Enhanced Cooperation”Journal of Public Economics2006902063-2090
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublished“Reallocation of Corporate Resources and Managerial Incentives in Internal Capital Markets”European Economic Review2005493659-681
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublished“The Economic Value Added (EVA): An Analysis of Market Reaction”Advances in AccountingElsevier200320
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublished“Collusion via Signalling in Simultaneous Ascending Bid Auctions with Heterogeneous Objects, with and without Complementarities”200269407-436.
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublished“Optimal Secession Rules”European Economic Review2001451811-1834
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublished“Collusion, Renegotiation and Implementation”,Social Choice and Welfare20001769-83
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublished“Cost Minimization and Regulation in General Equilibrium: An Ex- ample”,Economics Letters199963213-216
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipAccepted“The Optimal Design of a Market”Journal of Economic Theory1999881-39
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublished“Unique Implementation of the Full Surplus Extraction Outcome in Auctions with Correlated Types”Journal of Economic Theory199880185-200
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublished“Implementing Action Profiles when Agents Collude”Journal of Economic Theory199773395-424
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublished“The Information Content of Specialist Pricing: A Dynamic Model”Decisions, Games and MarketsKluwer Academic Publishers1996
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedProgress in Decision, Utility and Risk Theory,Kluwer Academic Publishers1991