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Margot Palermo

Adjunct Faculty, Management

MBA, New York University

Office:  335 Harriman Hall

Research Interests: Margot Palermo is not research faculty. Instead, she assists research by matching high achieving undergraduate students with COB faculty for undergraduate mentoring and research relationships.

Teaching Interests: Margot's expertise has been with learning communities and experiential learning. Her reach to outside organizations to do work with her students includes Broadridge, Canon, Softheon, GEICO, Traveler's, Target, Brookhaven National Laboratory, TTi, Novartis, Cintas, Long Island State Veterans Home, Make A Wish Foundation, Hope House Ministries and more. As Director of the Business Honors Program, Margot oversees high achieving students and their match to experiential projects inside and outside of the University.

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  • Biography

    Biography of Margot Palermo

    Margot Palermo is currently an Instructor in the Management Area in the College of Business, teaching Business Strategy, Business Communications and Business Ethics. She is also the Director of the Business Honors Program. This program is for high achieving business majors who aspire to be entrepreneurs or executives in business, government or nonprofit sectors. Students in the BHP Program can partner with a corporate sponsor to design an experiential program for their senior year that promotes the synergies of what they learn in the classroom with the application of these lessons in the workplace. The BHP student can also choose to work with a research professor and present at URECA. Margot also works with companies in an experiential academic setting. For example, the Business Strategy class and Broadridge partnered Fall 2018 and 2019 to oversee students enhance revenue and lower costs. Margot also acts as Stony Brook University's Faculty Athletic Representative.

  • Education


    SchoolDegreeMajorDate CompletedDistinction
    New York UniversityMBAFinance and International Business1985
    Boston UniversityBSPublic Relations and International Relations1981Cum laude
  • Scheduled Teaching

    Scheduled Teaching

    Course NamePrefixNumberSectionCreditsLevelSemesterYear
    Business CommunicationsBUS30113Fall2020
    Business CommunicationsBUS30133Fall2020
    Business CommunicationsBUS30173Spring2020
    Business CommunicationsBUS30183Spring2020
    Business CommunicationsBUS30113Fall2019
    Business CommunicationsBUS30133Fall2019
    Business CommunicationsBUS30173Spring2019
    Business EthicsBUS44723UndergraduateSpring2019
    Business EthicsBUS44733UndergraduateFall2018
    Business EthicsBUS44723UndergraduateSpring2018
    Business EthicsBUS44743UndergraduateSpring2018
    Intro to Bus for Bus MajorsBUS11533UndergraduateSpring2018
    Business EthicsBUS44733UndergraduateFall2017
    Intro to Bus for Bus MajorsBUS11533UndergraduateFall2017
    Intro to Bus for Bus MajorsBUS11543UndergraduateFall2017
    Business EthicsBUS44723UndergraduateSpring2017
    Business EthicsBUS44743UndergraduateSpring2017
    Intro to Bus for Bus MajorsBUS11513UndergraduateSpring2017
    Business EthicsBUS44733UndergraduateFall2016
    Intro to Bus for Bus MajorsBUS11533UndergraduateFall2016
    Intro to Bus for Bus MajorsBUS11543UndergraduateFall2016
    Business EthicsBUS44723UndergraduateSpring2016
    Business EthicsBUS44743UndergraduateSpring2016
    Intro to Bus for Bus MajorsBUS11513UndergraduateSpring2016
    Business EthicsBUS44733UndergraduateFall2015
    Business EthicsBUS44743UndergraduateFall2015
    Intro to Bus for Bus MajorsBUS11543UndergraduateFall2015
    Business EthicsBUS44723UndergraduateSpring2015
    Business EthicsBUS44743UndergraduateSpring2015
    Business EthicsBUS44733UndergraduateFall2014
    Business EthicsBUS44743UndergraduateFall2014
    Business Honors Seminar IIBUS29511UndergraduateFall2014
    Intro to Bus for Bus MajorsBUS11543UndergraduateFall2014
    Business EthicsBUS44723UndergraduateSpring2014
    Business EthicsBUS44743UndergraduateSpring2014
    Business Honors Seminar IBUS19511UndergraduateSpring2014
    Business Honors Seminar IIIBUS29611UndergraduateSpring2014
    Leadership and ServiceLDS102S091UndergraduateSpring2014
    Business EthicsBUS44733UndergraduateFall2013
    Business EthicsBUS44743UndergraduateFall2013
    Business Honors Seminar IIBUS29511UndergraduateFall2013
    Intro to Bus for Bus MajorsBUS11543UndergraduateFall2013
    Business EthicsBUS44723UndergraduateSpring2013
    Business EthicsBUS44743UndergraduateSpring2013
    Business Honors Seminar IBUS19511UndergraduateSpring2013
    Business Honors Seminar IIIBUS29611UndergraduateSpring2013
    Leadership and ServiceLDS102S171UndergraduateSpring2013
    Business EthicsBUS44733UndergraduateFall2012
    Business EthicsBUS44743UndergraduateFall2012
    Business Honors Seminar IIBUS29511UndergraduateFall2012
    Intro to Bus for Bus MajorsBUS11543UndergraduateFall2012
    Business EthicsBUS44743UndergraduateSpring2012
    Business Honors Seminar IBUS19511UndergraduateSpring2012
    Information Systms in ManagmntBUS34013UndergraduateSpring2012
    Information Systms in ManagmntBUS34023UndergraduateSpring2012
    Business EthicsBUS44733UndergraduateFall2011
    Business EthicsBUS44743UndergraduateFall2011
    Intro to Bus for Bus MajorsBUS11543UndergraduateFall2011