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Julia Bear

Associate Professor, Management

PhD, Carnegie Mellon University

Office:  254 Harriman Hall

Research Interests: Gender and Negotiation; Gender Gaps in Organizations; Conflict in Organizations

Teaching Interests: Organizational Behavior; Negotiation

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  • Biography

    Biography of Julia Bear

    Julia Bear is an Associate Professor in the College of Business at Stony Brook University. Dr. Bear’s research focuses on the influence of gender on negotiation outcomes, as well as conflict management in organizations. In her research, she investigates what factors, both individual and situational, influence the gender gap typically seen in negotiation outcomes, and how an understanding of these factors can help to reduce this gender gap in both initiation of negotiation and negotiation performance.

    Dr. Bear’s research has been published in journals and books, including Academy of Management Review, Psychological Science, Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Psychology of Women Quarterly, Sex Roles, Social Psychological and Personality Science, Negotiation and Conflict Management Research, and the Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings. Dr. Bear is also the recipient of multiple best paper awards from the Academy of Management and the International Association of Conflict Management, as well as a Fulbright Fellowship and a Marie Curie Fellowship. Dr. Bear received her Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from Carnegie Mellon University, her MBA from Baruch College-CUNY, and her AB from Stanford University.

  • Education


    SchoolDegreeMajorDate CompletedDistinction
    Carnegie Mellon UniversityPhDOrganizational Behavior2010
    Baruch-CUNYMBAInternational Business2002
    Stanford UniversityBAEnglish1997
  • Scheduled Teaching

    Scheduled Teaching

    Course NamePrefixNumberSectionCreditsLevelSemesterYear
    Business EthicsBUS44713UndergraduateSpring2022
    Organizational BehaviorBUS32653UndergraduateSpring2022
    Organizational BehaviorBUS32613UndergraduateFall2021
    Organizational BehaviorMBA59213GraduateFall2021
    Organizational BehaviorBUS32653UndergraduateSpring2021
    Organizational BehaviorMBA59213GraduateSpring2021
    Organizational BehaviorBUS32613UndergraduateFall2020
    Organizational BehaviorMBA59213GraduateFall2020
    Organizational BehaviorBUS32613UndergraduateFall2019
    Organizational BehaviorMBA59213GraduateFall2019
    Organizational BehaviorBUS326053UndergraduateSpring2019
    Organizational BehaviorBUS32613UndergraduateSpring2019
    Organizational BehaviorBUS32643UndergraduateSpring2019
    Organizational BehaviorBUS32613UndergraduateFall2018
    Organizational BehaviorBUS32613UndergraduateSpring2018
    Organizational BehaviorMBA59213GraduateSpring2018
    Organizational BehaviorBUS32613UndergraduateFall2017
    Organizational BehaviorMBA59213GraduateFall2017
    Organizational BehaviorBUS32613UndergraduateSpring2017
    Organizational BehaviorMBA59213GraduateSpring2017
    Organizational BehaviorBUS32613UndergraduateFall2016
    Organizational BehaviorMBA59213GraduateFall2016
    BUS 475Spring2016
    MBA 595Spring2016
    Organizational BehaviorBUS32613UndergraduateSpring2016
    Organizational BehaviorMBA59213GraduateSpring2016
    MBA 595Fall2015
    Organizational BehaviorBUS32613UndergraduateFall2015
    Organizational BehaviorMBA59213GraduateFall2015
    Organizational BehaviorBUS32613UndergraduateSpring2015
    Organizational BehaviorMBA59213GraduateSpring2015
    Organizational BehaviorMBA59213GraduateFall2014
    Organizational BehaviorBUS32613UndergraduateSpring2014
    Organizational BehaviorMBA59213GraduateSpring2014
    Organizational BehaviorMBA59213GraduateFall2013
  • Publications


    TypeClassificationStatusTitleJournal NamePublisherPublication YearVolIssuePageLink
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedLeader Support for Gender Equity: Understanding Prosocial Goal Orientation, Leadership Motivation, and Power Sharing Human Resource Management Review2019
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    Magazine/Trade PublicationApplied or Integration/Application ScholarshipPublishedNegotiating your first salary: Myths and RealityHarvard Business Review2017View
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