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David EckerDavid Ecker

David Ecker

Adjunct Faculty

Management: Strategy and Entrepreneurship

BS in Computer Science from Stony Brook University; an MS in Technological Systems Management from Stony Brook; and an Advanced Graduate Certificate in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship from SUNY Empire State College

Office:  205 Harriman Hall

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David is adjunct faculty member teaching in Entrepreneurship, Vertical Integrated Projects, and Honors College classes. David has been a serial entrepreneur with his latest pursuit revolving around advancing professional careers with a podcast called Find Your Path.

He helps others with innovation/entrepreneurial pursuits and believes hands-on learning is the future for success in this century.

David is an alumnus of Stony Brook University, he has an M.S. in Technological Systems Management, as well as a B.S. in Computer Science. He holds Advanced Graduate Certificate from Empire State College in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.