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Aristotle Lekacos

MS, Polytechnic Inst Brooklyn

Office:  314D Harriman Hall


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Professor Lekacos is currently Director of Educational Technology at Stony Brook University in the College of Business and Director of the Information Systems Management certificate at Stony Brook University in the School of Professional Development prior to those positions, he was the Director of the MBA program. Mr. Lekacos founded and managed, for 20 plus years, Trac Line Software a company that developed enterprise wide business systems for Retailers, Wholesalers and Manufacturers. He guided the firm into a Multinational Corporation expanding the scope and breath of the product line. During that period he also provided consulting services to many Fortune 100 corporations including IBM, JC Penny, AT&T, EDS, Sunbeam, Radio Shack, Honeywell, Hammacher Schlemmer and Xerox. Prior to founding his company Mr. Lekacos worked at Grumman Aerospace Corporation in Advanced Systems and Business Proposals. In 2010 he published a book titled “Communicating in a Digital World” which included online multimedia and is now involved with designing and funding an online Team Assessment software system. He has received numerous awards including various Who Who’s, International Distinguished Leadership, Personality Of The Year to name a few.

Research: Corporate Communications, Team Assessment, Entrepreneurship, Starting new businesses

Teaching: Business Strategy, International Business and developing Study Abroad Programs (Study Abroad in Greece - 7th year)