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Andrew DeltonAndrew W. Delton

Andrew W. Delton

Associate Professor

Management: Organizational Behavior

PhD in Evolutionary Psychology, 2010, University of California, Santa Barbara



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There are two strands to my research. One strand is to discover the evolved psychology that underpins human sociality and morality. This includes research on cooperation, generosity, and emotions like anger, compassion, shame, and gratitude. I view human psychology as a series of information-processing systems, each one designed to solve a common problem faced throughout human evolution. The second strand of my research is to apply this knowledge to understand politics, including voting, partisanship, and public goods. Current work includes a forthcoming book on the politics of preventing disasters. I am also interested in how our evolved psychology gives rise to political thought, focusing on liberalism, rights, and toleration. I use many methods to study these topics, particularly experimental economic games.

Research: Evolutionary Psychology
Behavioral Economics
Political Psychology
Decision Making
Social Cognition

Teaching: Evolutionary Psychology
Experimental Methods
Organizational Behavior