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Jiyin Cao, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Selected for
2020 Stony Brook Trustees Faculty Award


For the second year in a row, a College of Business professor has been selected  for a Stony Brook Trustees Faculty Award. In 2019 Assistant Professor of Marketing, Julie Huang received the award for her research on the contracting of prisoners’ labor to private companies, who employ incarcerated individuals’ labor to produce products or services for the general consumer public. And it was recently announced that Assistant Professor of Management, Jiyin Cao, is a 2020 winner.  The honor comes with $20,000 in research funding.

Jiyin’s application entitled “The Psychological Implication of a Series of Globalization Phenomena” is  both novel and ambitious. Jiyin proposes a three-pronged set of creative studies on globalization and interpersonal processes and decision making. In particular, she will examine shared-eating culture in business settings, multicultural social networks and high job mobility. Through experiments and collection of archival data, her work will improve understanding of the influence of cultural factors on critical business processes and outcomes such as morality, cooperation, and hiring. Ultimately, this will assist executives to recognize unique characteristics of the new generation of workforce in an increasingly global business environment.

In particular, Jiyin’s study of eating cultures will have implications the formation of social bonds and how they affect ethical behavior and decision making. The set of studies on multicultural social networks will examine how traveling and living abroad influences human psychology and behavior with a focus on ethical decision making, humor and authenticity. Her third objective is to study the impact of high job mobility on cooperation and hiring. 

This is the kind of research endeavor best suited for an early-stage, innovative researcher. It also represents the kind of innovation that can only be fostered and flourish within a business school like the College of Business at SBU, which is committed to go beyond business as usual. 


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