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Minor in Accounting


The Accounting Minor provides students with a strong academic foundation in the field of accounting which will serve as a basis for further advanced students in accounting at the graduate level. It is anticipated that students who declare the accounting minor will continue their accounting education by enrolling in the MBA or MS in Accounting program in order to prepare themselves for the Uniform Certified Public Accountancy exam and a career in public accounting.

The Accounting Minor can be completed by students in any major. This minor is not limited to Business Management Major students. 

Click here for the requirements

Acceptance to the Accounting Minor

Students may apply to the Accounting Minor at any time during their academic career provided that their cumulative grade point average is 3.20 or higher. Business and non-business majors may complete the Accounting Minor.

Please complete this document:  Accounting Minor Application Form

Students whose applications have been approved will have their records updated automatically. 

Accounting Minor Advisement 

Accounting Minor Checklist 

Business Management Major Students: 

Completing the accounting minor will substitute for an area of specialization.

We recommend that when Business majors need help with semester scheduling, they should first see their CoB Advisor for core course requirements and then see an Academic Advisor in  Academic and Transfer Advising Services.

Non-Business Students:

We recommend that when Accounting Minor students need help with semester scheduling, they should first see their Major Advisor and an Academic Advisor in Academic and Transfer Advising Services for core course and SBC requirements before meeting with a CoB advisor.

Students who wish to see a CoB Advisor for help with semester scheduling should do so in plenty of time (i.e., about 1-2 months) before an upcoming registration period. This is particularly important for students in the first or second semester of their Senior Year. It is not unusual for Business majors to see an Advisor every semester, especially after their Sophomore Year.     Make an appointment with a Business Advisor    

Appointments will continue to be conducted through Zoom as well as in-person by appointment. Alternatively, we are happy to help you through email. Please email directly for assistance.  

Please note that appointments are very limited this time of year, and we encourage students to email us with more urgent questions and we will get back to you as soon as we are able.