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Transfer Credits

Any business transfer courses must be evaluated and formally approved by the College of Business before they can be applied to the business major, accounting minor, or real estate & insurance minor. In many cases, a transfer course has already been evaluated in the past, and a transfer credit will be immediately assigned to your record.

If further evaluation is necessary, please email a copy of your syllabus. We will then evaluate these business courses, and you will be contacted when the evaluation is complete. Please note: only 21 credits can be transferred into the business major, with only 6 credits in a specialization area. Only 9 credits can be transferred into the accounting minor or the real estate & insurance minor.

Courses other than Business courses must be submitted to the appropriate department (Applied Math, Economics, Political Science, etc.) for initial evaluation, and then must be submitted to the College of Business Office of Student Services for further processing.

Upon successful completion of the course(s) with a grade of C or better, have an official transcript sent to the following address:

Academic and Transfer Advising Services

Suite 105, Stony Brook Union

Stony Brook University

Stony Brook, NY 11794-3217

Transfer credit is entered on the official University transcript. Grades received for transferred courses are not shown nor are they included in the calculation of the student’s cumulative grade point average at Stony Brook University.

Students seeking to take courses at other institutions should review course equivalencies at If a course is not already included on this list, students should seek pre-approval from the relevant department at Stony Brook and file a Transfer Course Evaluation Form with Academic and Transfer Advising Services.