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Advises sophomores, juniors, seniors, and second bachelor degree students in the College of Arts & Sciences, College of Business, School of Journalism and School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences.

We provide overall communication to Stony Brook undergraduates about academic advising and the evaluation of transfer credits for general education requirements. We help students develop their academic plans for graduation and work with students in academic difficulty.

What's Happening

ATAS offers Appointments on Thursdays.  Schedule yours on SSC Campus or the Guide App.  View our walk-in schedule.

*New academic standing remarks will be posted on or about January 4, 2019. Find out how to resolve your Academic Standing hold.

Registration info, opportunities, deadlines - Connect with Please Be Advised.

Discover videos and tutorials on the Advising Media site.

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Student Spotlight

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Every month Academic & Transfer Advising Services shines the spotlight on our featured student of the month!  Check back often and get to know your colleagues!

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Major Spotlight

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major spotlight Every month Academic & Transfer Advising Services offers you a closer look into the featured major of the month.  Check back soon and discover your perfect major!

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