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Are you a Simons STEM Scholar?

The Stony Brook Simons STEM Scholars Program aims to place our students on the front lines of global STEM challenges to become the change needed in the world today. Our scholars are leaders in their community, the best and brightest academically, advocates for the value of diversity in Science, and most importantly, team players who come together to use our shared set of values to achieve their ultimate career and academic aspirations.



The Simons STEM Scholars Program is more than just an honors program

Scholars get access to research opportunities both domestic and abroad to ensure that are conducting the science most meaningful to their goals

Scholars receive in house academic advising and tutoring to ensure that their academics remain as strong as possible

Scholars receive fully funded room and board all four years on campus and get the advantage of staying in suite-style honors housing starting year one.

Scholars growth remains of the utmost importance to the program with career readiness, graduate school preparation, research placement, service learning and more being built into programmatic activity