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Research  Project on Intercultural Engagement Funded  by a Federal Grant ($179k, 2020-2023) 

Apply   for   MA in Contemporary Asian and Asian American Studies (CAAAS)

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2020 Korean Studies UG Scholarship Recipients

  • Yeon Ko & Cynthia Zhu (Teacher Education)
  • Hanny Baek , Marina Escarra, Helen Park  and Inna Trygubchuk    (Academic Excel. & Leadership)

2019-2020 Shiming Hu/Eli Seifman Memorial scholarship Recipients: 

  • Suzanna Liang (Freshman scholarship)
  • Joshua Galardi (China Studies Scholarship)
  • Qiulei Zhang & Anita Ho (Leadership Award) 

Prof. Nicholson speaks about the History of Yoga on NPR.

NickNick Staffa (class of 2009) featured in  America the Bilingual! 

Ashley Brown Ashley Brown (class of 2013) is currently pursueing her Ph.D. in China!  

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March 5 th­­ @3:30–5pm ––MIC Language & Social Justice Workshop III: “Creating Equitable Participation Opportunities in the Classroom” (Facilitator: Agnes)

March 10 th @5:00pm ––University of Hawai‘i Center for Chinese Studies Seminar on China: “Sinophone Literary Articulations Across the Borderlands” (Speakers: E.K. and Dr. Brian Bernards) Co-sponsored by SBU AAAS

March 10 th @8:00pm ––CKS Colloquium Series: "Monumental Gifts" (Speaker: Onejoon Che)

March 25th @ 4 pm--AAS Book Talk: “Imagining ‘Our’ Hometown: A Taiwanese Writer Tzeng Ching-wen's Children's Literature and His Literary
Works” (Speaker: Hiroko Matsuzaki)

March 30 th @4:45pm ––CKS Colloquium Series: "Elite Graffiti, Kinship, and Social Capital" (Speaker: Dr. Maya Stiller)

March 31 st @4:30pm ––CKS Colloquium Series: "Divergence Against" (Speaker: Dr. Ross King)

April 30th, 1 pm ––MIC Distinguished Lecture: "Decolonizing the Mobility Turn: Tward Indigenous Traditions of Spatial Linguistics for the Anthropocene" (Speaker: Prof. Suresh Canagarajah, Penn. State University)

Breaking News!   AAAS has launched its   Twitter  and   Instagram  pages!  We want to share useful information with you through the platforms you are familiar with and connect you to the exciting things that are happening on and off campus! Please follow us and share the news!  

Symposium on Multilingualism: In honor of Prof. Kamal K. Sridhar on her retirement (Coming!)

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Pathway to Major/Minor in Asian and Asian American Studies, China Studies, Japanese Studies, Korean Studies, Religious Studies, and South Asian Studies

NYS Teacger Certification: Chinese, Japanese and Korean

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