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Major and Minor in Asian and Asian American Studies (AAS)

Director:  Eriko Sato

Declare major/minor in AAS if you want to:

  • Learn non-European traditions and thoughts, the history and culture of Asia, heritage of Asian Americans
  • Engage in interdisciplinary research using your multilingual skills, critical thinking ability
  • Develope global perspectives with focus on Asia and Asian American societies
  • Investigate diverse contemporary issues such as race, equality, social justice, education policies or environmental issues
  • Add a second major or a minor to your existing major 
  • Enhance your professional qualification in business, public service, law, medicine, science and engineering with your knowledge of Asian language, culture, society, or market
  • Build on the current minor in Chinese Studies, Japanese Studies, Korean Studies, Religious Studies, and/or South Asian Studies

See Degree Requirements

The choice of courses for your major is not limited to what are listed on the bulletin. Design your academic path with the Director.