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Asian and Asian American Studies

Undergraduate director:  Nerissa Balce

The B.A. in Asian and Asian American Studies offers an interdisciplinary curriculum for the study of Asian culture, languages and the Asian diaspora (i.e. Asian American and Asian migrant experiences). Our program offers both a regional approach and a local approach for studying Asia. By local, we mean New York as well as the communities of Asian America. Along with our curricular focus on Asian religion, languages, literature and philosophy, our courses on Asian American studies examine race, the struggles of immigrants then and now, Asian American and Asian diasporic cultures. The B.A. or Major in Asian and Asian American Studies is 39 units (13 AAAS and/or Asian-related courses). The Minor is 18 units (6 AAAS courses and/or Asian-related courses).

Major & Minor in Asian and Asian American Studies

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