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Major and Minor in Asian and Asian American Studies (AAS)

Director:  Gregory Ruf

AAS major/minor is for you if you want to:

  • Learn non-European traditions and thoughts, the history and culture of Asia, heritage of Asian Americans
  • Engage in interdisciplinary research using your multilingual skills, critical thinking ability
  • Develope global perspectives with focus on Asia and Asian American societies
  • Investigate diverse contemporary issues such as race, equality, social justice, education policies or environmental issues
  • Add a second major or a minor to your existing major 
  • Enhance your professional qualification in business, public service, law, medicine, science and engineering with your knowledge of Asian language, culture, society, or market
  • Build on the current minor in Chinese Studies, Japanese Studies, Korean Studies, Religious Studies, and/or South Asian Studies

See Degree Requirements

For more helpful info, see FAQs.

To Declare a major/minor, see Pathway to Major and Minor.

Remember that the choice of courses for your major is not limited to what are listed on the bulletin. Design your academic path with the Director!