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Minor in Japanese Studies

Director:  Sachiko Murata

Interim Director Fall 2021/Spring 2022:  Eva Nagase

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Full-time Faculty:  Janis Mimura;  Sachiko Murata; Eva Nagase; Atsuko Oyama; Eriko Sato

Part-time Faculty: Chikako Nakamura; Makiko Fukaya; Hiroko Matsuzaki

The general goal of the minor in Japanese studies is to help students understand the specific characteristics of Japanese culture and civilization through courses in literature, religion, history, and language.  Many of the students who minor in Japanese Studies go to Japan on various exchange programs to learn more about the country and to prepare themselves for graduate school or for careers in business and government.

Recommended courses in Summer 2020: JPN 111.30, JPN 112.30

Recommended courses in Fall 2020: JPN 426, HIS 353, AAS 366

Study Abroad and International Exchange

Summer Study Abroad Program at Nihon University (Mishima) 

Director:  Eva Nagase

The International Academic Programs (IAP) office has been offering a number of study abroad / exchange programs with many Japanese universities including Chiba University, Kyoto Sangyo University, Nihon University, Okayama University, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, and Waseda University for many years. These programs are well established and extremely beneficial for the Japanese Studies minors. 

Teacher Education & Certification in Japanese  

Advisor: Eriko Sato

Stony Brook University has an undergraduate teacher education program in Japanese that leads to New York State initial teaching certification and the B.A. degree in Asian and Asian American Studies: Adolescent Education –Japanese, Grades 7 – 12.

Asian Language Teacher Education Programs

Challenge Exam

Challenge Exams are available for Japanese language courses. Contact Language Learning Resource Center to see if you are eligible. 

Challenge Exam information

Japanese Student Organization (JSO)  

Japanese Students Organization, a student organization at Stony Brook, has been supervised by faculty members in the Japanese Studies Program. They organize Japanese cultural events at Student Activity Center every year.

Taiko Tides

Taiko Tides, a club for Japanese taiko drumming, consists of American students, Japanese American students, and international students from Japan on campus, supervised by faculty members at Stony Brook with the help of dedicated volunteer instructors, has been serving as one of the most important extra-curricular activities that can teach Japanese traditional culture and art at Stony Brook. They have been performing many venues on Long Island. 

Tentaroh Inoh Collection 

Stony Brook Library acquired the Tentaroh Inoh Collection for Japanese Studies in 2007. The collection has about 70,000 volumes of rare and valuable Japanese books on history, literature, philosophy, anthropology, archeology, religion, linguistics, and political science, including numerous reference books.  

The Japan Center at Stony Brook

The Japan Center at Stony Brook was established in 2003. It has been organizing numerous educational events and programs related to Japan. The annual Canon essay competition is one of the Japan Center’s programs and has greatly raised the visibility of our university’s Japanese programs in the New York Metropolitan area.

The Pre-College Japanese Program

The Pre-College Japanese Program was established as a part of the Department of Asian and Asian American Studies in 2004 in order to offer Japanese language courses for local community residents. Near 50 students are enrolled in this program every year.