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Faculty Strengths 

Professor Nerissa S. Balce researches race, racism, gender, and state violence. Her book, Body Parts of Empire: Visual Abjection, Filipino Images and the American Archive, is winner of the 2018 Best Book award in Cultural Studies from the Filipino Section of the Association for Asian American Studies.

Professor Eva Nagase's research interests include Japanese culture, circulation of objects and dining utensils such as chopsticks in particular. She also directs the Study Abroad programs in Japan.

Professor Sandra Kim explores the intersections of race, global coloniality, ethnonationalisms, migration, and culture.  She is also founder and Co-Executive Director of the Asian American Justice + Innovation Lab.

Professor William Chittick's work on pre-modern Islamic intellectual history and its relevance for contemporary humanistic concerns has been translated into 50+ languages.

Professor Heejeong Sohn's research interests include modern & contemporary history of Korea, photography and visual studies, and digital humanities. She directs the Korean Language Teacher Education Program.

Professor Jiwon Hwang's research on Asian language learning and intercultural communication has been supported by the National Science Foundation and the US Department of Education.

Professor Andrew Nicholson focuses on Indian philosophy and intellectual history.  Among the courses that he teaches is Yoga: Theory and Praxis.

Professor Tingda (Hannah) Li's expertise includes Chinese language teaching at all levels and training Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (TCSOL).

Professor Hongkyung Kim's research focuses on Confucianism and Daoism. His 6-volume book series: The Analects of Dasan: A Korean Syncretic Reading is being published by the Oxford University Press.

Professor Yi Wang's work centers on the multilayered language ideologies among nation-states, stakeholders, and study abroad students in China. In collaboration with computational social scientists, she recently published a co-authored paper in Nature Humanities and Social Science Communications, focusing on Sinophobia in Chinese language communities on Twitter.  

Professor Eriko Sato wrote a book on translation and 'translanguaging' (how we use multiple languages at the same time without differentiating them). She is the author of over 20 books including both research monographs and Japanese language textbooks.

Professor Dongmei Zeng is an expert on Chinese language teaching and author of several language learning textbooks.

Professor Atsuko Oyama researches new nurturing styles of fatherhood and masculinity in modern and contemporary Japan. 

Professor Gregory Ruf offers courses on culture, society, and history in China and is the recipient of multiple Excellence-in-Teaching awards.

Professor S.N. Sridhar investigates the impact of the spread of English in Asia.  He is President of the International Association of World Englishes and Founder and Director of the best endowed Center for India Studies in the nation.

Professor Agnes He is recognized for her seminal work on Chinese as a heritage (home) language. The Center for Multilingual and Intercultural Communication, which she directs, is working on a large-scale project involving hundreds of students with the title "Stony Brook Stories of Language and Life".