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Pathway to Major and Minor

Declaration of Major/Minor

Students who choose to major or minor in the Department of Asian and Asian American Studies should complete a Declaration of Major/Minor form to be taken to their departmental program advisor for signature. The form will be signed by the advisor and the student will need to deliver the original to the Registrar’s office. A file will be prepared in the department for the student and the student will be directed to visit with the appropriate academic advisor.

Find departmental program advisor

Download Major/Minor Declaration Form

Major/Minor Checklists

It is important that students visit with their advisor regularly until graduation in order to ensure that the necessary courses and credits are completed. Please contact our main office (HUM 1046, 632-4030) to determine the advisor for your area of study.

Note: The checklists below are specifically for the B.A. in Asian and Asian American Studies (Major), and the Minor in Asian and Asian American Studies. Students who wish to minor in other programs should ask the checklist from the designated faculty advisor. Please see the Programs page.

B.A. in Asian and Asian American Studies 

Download Major Checklist Form

Minor in Asian and Asian American Studies 

Download Minor Checklist Form 

Graduation Clearance

A student should make an appointment to consult with the program director/ faculty advisor  the semester before his / her intended semester of graduation, and request that the advisor to clear them for graduation. This is the opportunity for the advisor to determine if the student is lacking certain courses or credits for graduation.

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