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Applying for Graduation

Undergraduate students must:

  • be a senior (U4 standing)
  • have a valid major declared on record
  • have completed + in progress credits totaling at least 105 credits

You must officially apply for graduation in order to be awarded your degree and receive your diploma.  You may apply to graduate using the link on SOLAR - please refer to the academic calendar deadline.

If you miss the SOLAR deadlines, you will need to complete an Undergraduate Graduation Application at the Registrar’s Office. The graduation staff will review your record to determine if you are eligible to receive an application. The application is not available online and can only be administered by the graduation staff.  

Changing Your Graduation Date

Using this form, you can request a Graduation Date Change. This form is only for West campus undergraduate students. The graduation staff will review your record and advise if anything additional is needed.


While you’re applying for graduation on SOLAR the next step in the process will be doing the ceremony registration form.

In this part you will indicate whether you will be attending the University-wide commencement ceremony, department-level ceremony, both or neither.  

Students can participate in the spring ceremony if they have graduated in the summer or fall before the ceremony or anticipate graduating in the summer or fall after a spring ceremony. This will ensure students will not have to travel back after their graduation to participate in commencement. 

Please note that walking in the commencement ceremony does not equate to receiving your degree. The degree awarding process takes place 2-3 weeks after the commencement ceremony at which time your record is reviewed for completion of all degree requirements.

For information related to Commencement day, cap and gown purchase, tickets, etc., please visit the University Commencement website.  

Awarding of Degrees

Who reviews and awards degrees? The Registrar’s Office reviews and awards degrees for West Campus Undergraduate Students.  Students in the Health Sciences, School of Professional Development, and the Graduate School should contact their respective advisors.

  • The Registrar’s Office is responsible for reviewing and approving University Requirements including the following:
    • DECs/Skills or SBCs (Honors College students are reviewed by the Honors College advising staff);
    • 100 graded credits;
    • 120 total credits (BA, BS degrees) 120 total credits (Journalism BA degree), or 128 total credits (BE degrees);
    • 39 Upper-Division Credits;
    • 36 credits in residence;
    • Cumulative GPA of at least 2.00.
  • Academic departments are responsible for reviewing and approving major, minor, and specialization requirements.
  • The Registrar’s Office runs the process to award degrees twice a week. 


Please contact the Graduation Staff at (631) 632-6175 or at