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Student Success

Students at Stony Brook University are given many opportunities for success. Here at Stony Brook, we give our students all the tools they will need to become a better leader, student, and person. Students have the chance to live in Second Year Living Communities, and to receive academic help in residential tutoring centers. Second Year Living Community offers students entering their second year the chance to build a support network. Our tutoring centers lend a hand to students who may need extra assistance in their academic courses.

Residential Tutoring Centers

The Residential Tutoring Centers’ (RTC) services⁠—which are provided by the Department of Campus Residences and the  Academic Success & Tutoring Center (ASTC)⁠—offer tutoring opportunities to students who have specific questions pertaining to some of the University's most challenging and demanding courses.

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Second Year Living Community (2YLC)

 What is the Second Year Living Community?

The Second Year Living Community, or 2YLC, is a program designed to foster success and growth in students during their second year of college.  Within this community, participants will have the opportunity to develop relationships with their peers by engaging in programs, events, and experiences that are specifically targeted to their goals.  The program also focuses on reflection of these experiences and how they will lead to future success.

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