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Conference Housing

Welcome to Conference Housing at Stony Brook University. Housing accommodations are available on campus for adult, college aged, and youth conference groups. Residence halls are conveniently located on the Main West Campus with access to dining halls and other on campus facilities, adult accommodations are also available on the Southampton Campus.  Housing is available from June 1 to August 1, 2022.

Updates for Summer 2022: We are unable to host youth groups for the 2022 conference season.

We are no longer to take group requests for the 2022 Season. If you are interested in 2023 conferences, please contact with basic details and we will add you to our list of contacts for early fall 2022 when we launch 2023 information.

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Southampton Campus Map


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General Policies

All guests on both Stony Brook main Campus and Southampton campus are expected to follow the Stony Brook University Terms of Occupancy and Code of Student Responsibility. Failure to do so can result in removal from Conference Housing without a refund.

  • Campus Residences reserves the right to dismiss any participant engaging in inappropriate or destructive behavior.
  • No participant shall willfully incite another to commit any acts prohibited by the Code of Student Responsibility or Campus Residences’ Terms of Occupancy.
  • No participant shall attempt to engage in conduct that, if completed, would result in the violation of any rule or policy applicable to the Code of Student Responsibility or Campus Residences’ Terms of Occupancy.
  • No participant shall aid, help, or otherwise assist another in violating any rule applicable to the Code of Student Responsibility or Campus Residences’ Terms of Occupancy
  • Campus Residences shall not be liable to any injury to the resident(s) or guest(s) or damages to any personal property caused by water, rain, fire, steam, sewer, pipes, plumbing, stoves, refrigerators, laundry machines, dryers, or anything else that is beyond the control of Campus Residences. Liability for risks or injury and/or damage to personal property are expressly assumed by the resident.
  • Participants residing in apartments/rooms/suites with vacancies must ensure that the unassigned space and furniture remain vacant for new participants.
  • Do not prop external doors or enter/exit through balconies
  • Do not block fire equipment or exits.
  • Engaging in any activity that will injure, deface, or damage any part of the apartments/residence halls facilities, issued appliances, and furniture is prohibited.
  • Youth participants should work with Chaperones for any needs involving their program, issues with travel to or from campus, or being signed out by a legal guardian or authorized individual.

COVID-19 Information

Vaccination Requirements

COVID-19 vaccines are required for participants. Exemptions will not be permitted. Participants must have received their final dose of vaccine (J&J, Pfizer, or Moderna) and have proof of vaccination minimally 14 days prior to arrival. For international guests, please see additional approved options for vaccines on the CDC Website. Vaccination boosters are not required at this time but may be required based upon further guidance from the CDC, FDA, and SUNY.

Arrival and On-Campus Expectations

All groups are required to follow current campus COVID-19 policies. At check-in, Campus Residences staff will view but not retain vaccination documentation. Participants missing any required docuemntationwill not be permitted to check in. Participants will be subject to masking regulations that may be in effect during the period of this agreement.

Positive COVID-19 Cases

Testing is not required during your stay, however participants who exhibit symptoms or otherwise receive a positive test for COVID-19 will be required to vacate campus within less than 24 hours of positive test results. Participants who require quarantine or isolation housing due to being exposed to or testing positive for COVID-19 while living at Stony Brook University’s West Campus or Southampton Campus will need to seek off-campus accommodations for the duration of the quarantine/isolation period.  Participant(s) will need to comply with contact tracing processes that may be in effect during during their stay.
Participant(s) will need to provide proof of quarantine/isolation completion prior to moving back into their assigned space if returning to campus for the remainder of their group’s conference/event.

Protective Measure Changes

If the effects of the pandemic worsen, Stony Brook University may, upon notice to client, increase protective measures relating to client’s use of Campus Residences, including without limitation requiring a negative test result from Participants and/or reducing the number of individuals permitted to use Campus Residences.

Prohibited Items in Residence Halls

Suggested items to bring are listed on our FAQ page.

The following items are not allowed in university residence halls due to the NYS Fire Code or the Terms of Occupancy

  • Candles
  • Chemicals/combustibles
  • "Cut to fit" Decorative string lights
  • Appliances not approved to your building and area (microwaves, toasters, rice cookers, hot plates, grills, crock pots, pressure cookers, air fryers, etc.)*
  • Non-Surge Protected Extension Cords, Outlet Splitters & Adapters
  • Devices that could potentially degrade Stony Brook’s wireless services such as personal routers (wireless and wired), proxy servers, gateways, compromised/infected personal devices, and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) appliances
  • Bed Raisers and non-University bed frames, lofts, or lofted bed
  • Foam / Gel Mattress Toppers
  • Air Conditioning Units & Space Heaters
  • Coffee Makers & Water Boilers with warming plates
  • Hoverboards, Electric Skateboard, Electric Scooters, & other Electric or Motorized Transportation Devices
  • Plug-in Air Fresheners
  • Lamps that do not use compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL) or light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs and lamps that have non-USB power outlets built in

  • E-Cigarettes / Vapes / Tobacco / Marijuana
  • Pets / Animals
  • Irons without auto shut off
  • Non-Approved Personal Furniture (furniture that does not meet California Technical Bulletin 117 (CAL 117) standards) 
  • Wall Decorations that cover more than 10% of the wall space

*For further details and exceptions see the full Terms of Occupancy or contact us at Thank you for not bringing these items into our residence halls. Any appliances and devices you bring with you need to be UL or ETL listed.

Lost Key and Lenel Access Card Policy

All guests, unless otherwise arranged with program coordinators, staying in conference housing will be issued a key Adult and college aged guests will be issued a lenel access card. Both the key and lenel access card must be returned before departure. If the key and/or lenel access card are not returned  and the guest does not contact the conference housing office within 12 hours of departure it will be assumed that the key and/or lenel access card is lost. Costs for a lost key range between $80 and $175 depending on the type of room the guest stayed in, a lost lenel access card will cost $30 per card.

Billing and Refunds

All billing is done on a seven-day cycle including weekends. Bookings must be made from start date to end date of the conference. There are no exceptions. Conference Housing does not provide family housing for couples.

Guests who wish to cancel their reservation must do so no later than two weeks prior to their arrival date to be eligible for a refund.  Once a guest has checked in and received their key if they choose to check out early they are no longer eligible for a refund. Any guest requesting a refund less than two weeks prior to their arrival date or after checking in and receiving a key must submit an appeal in writing for a refund.

Dining and Meal Plan

All meal plan and dining questions should be directed to the Faculty Student Association. For Youth Conference Housing guests are required to have a meal plan. more information visit the FSA website or call 631-632-6517.  

For additional questions or information please contact or call 631-632-1773. 

Housing Assignments

Youth participants will be assigned to single gender wings within a designated residential building with program’s chaperones assigned to each floor. Adult and college aged participants will be assigned to single gender suites/apartments. Youth Chaperones will be required to use the designated staff bathrooms of their building.

Guests of Participants and Chaperones

  • Individuals not registered or actively involved in the program are not permitted in residential buildings. All guests must be met outside of residential buildings.
  • Family, legal guardians, or designee of legal guardian are allowed in residential buildings during check-in and check-out periods only.
  • Non-participant overnight guests are not permitted at any time including a conference participant who is not part of the on-campus housing cohort.


  • Participants and/or Conference Coordinators will be held liable for any damages.
  • Facilities issues should be reported to the building staff within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Campus Residences reserves the right to enter rooms/suites to inspect the premises for verification of occupancy, health and safety checks, cleaning, and maintenance.
  • Participants and Chaperones should remain on their floors common areas of the building.


  • Residential building external doors are locked and controlled by an electronic card access system. Each participant will be given an access card to their specific building and required to return the card upon check-out in the same condition as it was when given out. Youth participants will not be issued electronic access cards unless otherwise agreed upon by Conference Housing and the Conference Host.
  • If an emergency exists that requires police assistance or medical treatment, University Police should be contacted at their emergency dispatch 631-632-3333. Youth participants should involve chaperones and housing staff as soon as possible in these situations.
  • No person shall refuse to observe any safety regulations or procedures. Fire Safety, University Police, and/or Campus Residences staff may enter rooms during fire alarms to ensure compliance with evacuation procedures. The University reserves the right to require that prohibited items are removed immediately from the apartments/residence halls.

Campus Residences Building Staff Services

Staff members will live and work in the building to assist with check-in, check-out, and housing related matters during participants’ stay. Staff is accessible via a 24-hour phone. Participants are expected to follow directives of building staff with housing related matters.


Please  contact us at if you have any questions.