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Staying Safe

Residential Safety Program

The Residential Safety Program (RSP), a program under Residential Safety & Support Services, was founded in 1975. It is a student based organization which consists of a staff of over 120 students. RSP patrols the residential buildings and grounds to help ensure a safe community. RSP also offers a walk/escort service to any points on campus from 12:00PM - 3:00AM.

Simply call 631-632-WALK (9255) to arrange a walk.


Campus Safety

  • Keep room door locked at all times
  • Use ID Card to access buildings, do not prop residential doors open
  • Do not leave personal property unattended
  • Stay in groups at night or use RSP Walk Service
  • Know the location of Emergency Phones around campus


Health Safety

Student Health Center


Fire Safety

  • Never leave stove or cooking appliances unattended
  • Keep kitchen areas in apartments and building clean and free of clutter
  • Follow all rules and regulations in the Terms of Occupancy 
  • Be aware of all building exits (Map displayed on back of all residential doors)


Winter Safety

  • Be aware of slippery surfaces when walking outside, even after snow has started to clear
  • Wear warm, bright clothing that does not block your view, especially in bad weather conditions
  • Be aware of snow on roofs, trees, and icicles that may fall
  • Stay in designated walkways as much as possible and do not walk in the road


Personal Property Insurance

The University does not cover damage to students' personal property. It is highly 
recommended that students insure their own personal property via renters 
insurance policy. It is important to confirm with your homeowners insurance 
carrier that student’s property (including computers and other electronics) will be 
fully covered for loss while housed outside of the family dwelling. As stated in your 
Terms of Occupancy, the University assumes no legal obligation to pay for loss 
of or damage to items of student’s personal property occurring on campus or in its 
buildings or storage areas.