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Summer 2024 Housing 

Application Available: April 2, 10:00AM

Priority Application Deadline for Summer Session 1 Arrival : May 1, 9:59PM

Priority Application Deadline for Summer Session 2 Arrival: June 17, 9:59PM

Final application deadline: July 10, 5:00PM

For any questions, please email


Students who complete the entire application by the deadline will be eligible for summer housing as long as they meet one of the following criteria:

  • They are a current spring resident or fall resident registered for summer or fall classes. Classes are not required to be in person.
  • They are a student without housing affiliation enrolled in summer classes that require an in-person presence.
  • They are a spring semester graduate in need of summer housing.

Students who do not meet one of the above criteria will not be eligible for summer housing. Students who signed up for a 12-month Graduate and Family agreement type for 2024-2025 should not apply to this application since summer is already included in their new agreement. Newly admitted graduate students should not apply to the Summer Housing application as you will need to complete the New Student Housing application. To apply for summer housing and be assigned a space, a student must have no current financial holds on their student account. 

Summer Global Studies and Summer Oceanography participants do not need to complete a housing application. EOP/AIM Pre-Freshman Summer Academy participants also do not need to submit a summer housing application. EOP pre-freshmen summer academy housing is arranged through the EOP office. REU Summer Students only staying the dates sponsored by their program, do not need to apply either

How to Apply

The Summer Housing Application will go live on the Housing Portal on April 2. The priority deadline for a Session 1 arrival is May 1, 9:59PM, and for Session 2, arrival is June 17, 9:59PM. After the priority deadline, we will house students on a space-available basis but cannot guarantee housing or the desired arrival date. Applicants who do not submit a completed application by the final deadline of July 10 at 5:00PM will not be given a summer housing assignment.

Locations and Rates

Summer housing is located in West Apartments and Southampton Campus. Only students with an academic reason to be at Stony Brook Southampton will be housed at that location.

Please note that these communities are open all year round, and your apartment may have already been occupied. Our priority is to ensure your bedroom space is ready for your arrival upon move-in. Please bear with us as our staff may need to return to apartments to address any room readiness issues in common areas. For any urgent matters upon arrival, contact your office or building staff, who will do their best to address your concerns.  

West Apartments Rates

Room Type Per Night Rate Full Summer Term Cost*
Single Room $63.00 $6,363.00
Double Room $54.25 $5,479.25

Stony Brook Southampton Campus Rates (Only for students required to be at Southampton for their academic program)

Room Type Per Night Rate Full Summer Term Cost*
Single Room $66.00 $6,666.00
Double Room $57.50 $5,807.50

*Full Summer Term Rates are based on the maximum days any individual could stay 5/15/2024-8/24/2024 if you have spring and fall housing.

Applicants will be asked to give a preference for a single or double room. Double rooms are extremely limited and not guaranteed. Applicants will be placed in a single room if a double room is not available.


Students housed for summer housing are billed at the published summer rate for the space they are assigned from their date of arrival and for the remaining duration of summer housing. Students without fall reservation billing will end on August 16. Students with a fall reservation billing will end on August 24. Bills will be posted to one's student accounts in mid-May.

Summer Assignments & Move In

Students will select which term session they need summer housing for. Below you will see the summer terms and its corresponding arrival dates:
Summer Session/Student Group Arrival Date/s
Summer Session 1 (Classes start May 20)
  • Spring on-campus residents will be given a move-in time on May 19
  • Spring off-campus residents will move in on May 19 or May 20
HSC accelerated BSN students (Classes start June 3) June 2 or June 3
Summer Session 2 Extended (Classes start June 17) June 16 or June 17
Summer Session 2 (Classes start July 8) July 7 or 8
  • Summer housing assignments and additional check-in instructions will be emailed to you approximately one week prior to your scheduled arrival.
  • We cannot guarantee a specific room assignment. 
  • Students cannot choose a preference for roommates in summer placements as all placements have to be made administratively quickly between the application deadline and arrival date and needs to factor in room availability, readiness, and academic year assignments.
  • For West Apartments: summer room change requests will be reviewed for approval based on space availability. Requests can be made through the Schomburg West Area Office during the following date ranges:
    • June 3 - June 21 by noon
    • July 15 - July 22 by noon

Summer Move Out and Financial Liability 

Students in summer housing who check out before their originally requested summer check-out date will be prorated the daily housing rate through their actual check-out date (removal of items from the room and surrender of keys to the Area Office).  Once a student checks out of summer housing, that decision is final, and the student cannot return to a space in summer housing.

  • Residents who move out by July 2 at Noon at the end of Summer Session 1 will be credited the unused days of the summer housing bill.
  • Any residents without a Fall 2024 housing assignment must check out by August 16. On that date, you will have to complete a full check-out by 4:00 pm. If you choose to check out earlier than August 18, you will receive a credit for the unused remaining days of your summer housing agreement.
  • Any residents with a Fall 2024 housing assignment who move out by July 13 at Noon at the end of Summer Session 1 Extended will be credited the unused days of the summer housing bill. Anyone still in room at this deadline will be financially liable for the remainder of the summer.
  • Any resident with a Fall 2024 housing assignment staying beyond July 13 at Noon will be liable through August 24.
    • Residents with fall assignments in a location besides West Apartments will pick up the key to their fall assignment on Sunday, August 11, between 10AM-1:00PM and complete a check-out of West Apartments by August 12 by 4PM.

Residents with West Apartments assignments for Fall 2024 that are different than their summer assignments will move sometime between August 11 and August 14 once the area office confirms your fall assignment is ready.

16-17 Years Old Summer Student Housing

If you are looking for summer housing options for 16-17 years old, please click below.

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