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Residential Computing Centers

Print from Anywhere
Our computing centers are located in residential buildings across campus.  All computing centers are equipped with desktop computers, scanners, and printers.  In addition to the printers in the residential computing centers, there are also Print From Anywhere stations located across campus, including in HDV/GLS, SSO Center, Mendelsohn Quad, West Apartments Commons, Chávez Hall, Tubman Hall, and Chapin Commons.  

The location and hours of all residential computing centers can be found below.   Hours are subject to change, please check with the computing center for more information. 

 Want to work in a computing center, just fill out the employment application.

Area Location Hours Contact Information
Mendelsohn Quad O'Neill College Always Available - 24/7 (631) 632-6279
H-Quad Benedict College Always Available - 24/7 (631) 632-6482
Roth Quad Cardozo College Always Available - 24/7 (631) 632-4969
Tabler Quad Douglass College Always Available - 24/7 (631) 632-4942
Kelly Quad Baruch College Always Available - 24/7 (631) 632-6592
Roosevelt Quad HDV/GLS Center Always Available - 24/7 (631) 632-6987
West Apartments West E Commons Always Available - 24/7 (631) 632-4927
Chapin Apartments Chapin Commons Always Available - 24/7 (631) 632-6843
Computing Center Policies
  • Anyone who enters the lab must have Stony Brook ID
  • Only residential students are permitted to use the lab
  • Eating and drinking is not permitted in the lab
  • Disruptive behavior is not permitted in the lab
  • Installing, modifying or deleting software from the computers is prohibited