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Student Staff Employment

The Division of Campus Residences is proud to be the largest student employer on campus, with over 850 student employees.  This includes undergraduate and graduate students in roles such as Resident Assistant,  Conference Assistant, and many other options.  

Resident Assistant (Undergraduate and Apartment Living)

Resident Assistants (RA) are an integral part of Campus Residences.  Students that serve as an RA have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, make strong connections with other students, and promote diversity and inclusion across their area.  Both Undergraduate and Graduate Students have the ability to be RA's in the Residence Hall and Apartment Areas.



Office Assistant

Students have the opportunity to be an Office Assistant across different areas within Campus Residences.  Every Area has Office Assistants in their area office in order to assist with daily tasks in the office.  This is a great opportunity for students to develop skills and make connections with others in the department.  



Residential Tutoring Center Tutor

Tutors help peers to succeed academically. They conduct tutoring sessions to clarify course content and provide study strategies. They are selected on the basis of academic skill, character, and the ability to communicate well with others.



Conference Assistant

The Conference Housing Assistant (CA) is the front line customer service and risk management support in a residence hall community housing professional, academic and athletic conferences. They will coordinate the guest registration process (including space preparation and assessment), assist guests with facilities and other related housing concerns, and will be general University ambassadors in providing information about the University and surrounding communities to our Conference Housing guests.




Marketing Student Staff

The Marketing Student Staff is a team of students who work alongside the Graduate Coordinator for Marketing Services to help promote the Division of Campus Residences through multiple mediums such as photography, videography, graphic design, etc. 



Graduate Student Employment

There are a variety of options available for graduate students to find employment in Campus Residences. Students have the ability to work within a variety of roles (e.g. working with our tutoring center) within the department. All of these positions assist students with learning about the field of higher education and developing transferable skills for when they enter the workforce after graduate school.  

We have a few anticipated openings for the 2021-2022 academic year, all job opportunities will be posted to handshake.