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Bicycle Registration

Bike Rack StudentStudents who are currently living on campus are eligible to register their bicycle with Residential Risk Management.  It is beneficial for students to register their bike, so in the case of it being lost or stolen, the student will have a better chance of recovering their bicycle.  If a student would like to register their bicycle, they have to fill out the Bicycle Registration Form and then go to the Campus Residences Central Office to have their bicycle inspected and labeled. 

If your bicycle has gone missing from a residential area, you may contact Residential Risk Management for assistance in recovering your bicycle.  It is possible that your bicycle was removed by Residential Risk Management if not registered with the department.  You may contact Residential Risk Management at (631) 632-9003 or email them at

Please make sure to bring your bicycle home with you during the winter and summer breaks. Unregistered or abandoned bicycles are removed from unoccupied areas during summer break. Please note, bikes that are left in illegal areas will be clipped year round.