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Bicycle Registration

Fall and Spring Semester

Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM


How to Register your Bike

Campus Residences offers a bicycle registration program to all residents. Bicycle registration can help recover your bicycle in case it is ever lost or stolen.

Simply fill out this form to start the process and visit the Campus Residence Central Office, located in Mendelsohn Community, in order to have your bicycle inspected and labled. It is fast, simple, and free!

Please note: Do not bring your bike into the Campus Residences Central Office, please leave it outside next to the sidewalk near the Central Office (Preferred) or by the bike racks near the entrance to Mendelsohn Community so that our staff can inspect the bike after verifying your information.

Bicycle Registration Form


Bicycles must be stored on outdoor bicycle racks, bicycle storage rooms (Nobel Halls), or Bike Rack Studenton living room bicycle racks (West Apartments E, F, G, H, I, J). Bicycles stored or chained/locked in unapproved areas are subject to immediate removal. Residents in West Apartments E-J wishing to store their bicycles in their apartments must utilize the living room bicycle racks. If your housing assignment changes, even temporarily (e.g., moving to a summer housing assignment), you should move your bicycle to the closest approved storage areas near your new assignment. You are encouraged to bring your bicycle home during the winter intersession and you must take your bicycle with you if you move off campus, even if you are returning (i.e., leaving for the summer and returning for the fall). Students who reside on campus should never leave their bicycles in the academic mall/hospital area for long term parking.

Bicycle Removal

Bicycles stored or parked in unapproved locations or anywhere that hinders movement are subject to immediate removal. The University is not responsible for damage to bicycles or accompanying accessories (e.g., locks or chains) if a bicycle needs to be removed. At the conclusion of the Spring academic semester bicycles left in residential areas will be considered abandoned property and removed. Bicycles believed to be abandoned will be tagged marking them as such. If your bicycle is tagged, simply remove the tag to prevent your bicycle from being removed. 

If your bicycle has gone missing, you must contact University Police to file a police report at (631) 632-3333.

Please note:  Safety & Support Services will only clear bicycle racks and storage in residential areas. Bicycles in the Academic Mall or University Hospital Areas are not part of our process.