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Elective Clinical & Training Activities

Interns have the opportunity to select an area of focus, called an “Apprenticeship.” Apprenticeships afford interns an opportunity to gain more specialized knowledge in a particular area. Interns can expect to allocate approximately 4 hours/week for their apprenticeship experience. We offer specialized learning in the following areas:

CARE Team Apprenticeship

CAPS clinicians conduct mandated assessments of students in cases where they exhibit behavior in the campus community that poses a threat of harm to themselves or to another individual, or in the case of extremely disruptive behavior.  CAPS clinicians meet with students for mandated assessments (determined by Stony Brook’s multidisciplinary CARE (Consult, Assess, Refer, Educate) Team). Interns have the opportunity to gain additional experience in conducting mandated assessments and serving as a member of CARE through an apprenticeship.

Supervisor: Dr. Lisa Akel 

Group therapy 

CAPS has a robust and thriving group program. While all interns have the opportunity to co-lead a group, interns who chose an apprenticeship in this area will have the opportunity to deepen their experience with group process including developing a group to meet the needs of a specific population (e.g., International students, Students of Color, LGBTQ* students) or obtaining additional exposure to and experience in mindfulness meditation.

Supervisor: Dr. Lisa Akel

The Lerner Lab

CAPS maintains a collaborative relationship with our Department of Psychology at Stony Brook.  The Lerner Lab -affiliated with the Department of Psychology - conducts research focused on Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)  ( Interns interested in this apprenticeship will have the opportunity to receive training in assessment.

Supervisor: Dr. Matt Lerner/Dr. Bethany Riddle 

*This apprenticeship may require a commitment for some after-hours (evenings/weekends) work. 


This year, we are expanding our relationships with the Department of Athletics, including providing some embedded counseling services. Interns with an interest in working with student athletes may elect an apprenticeship in this area. 

Supervisor: Dr. Julian Pessier