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Postdoctoral Training Program in
Health Service Psychology (Focus: Diversity & Cultural Experiences) 


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We won’t be recruiting Psychology Fellows (Post-docs) for the 2023-2024 training year. Check back here for updates for future training opportunities! 


Thank you for your interest in our site. We offer a full-time, 12-month, psychology fellowship in college mental health with an emphasis in outreach with our Center for Prevention and Outreach (CPO). We are seeking Psychology Fellows with an explicit interest in Diversity & Inclusion/Racial and Social Justice as we work to meet the needs of our diverse student body. Satisfactory completion of the program will meet postdoctoral supervised practice requirements for licensure in the state of New York for fellows who begin the program post-degree. We have compiled information here about our training site, goals and content of the program, program organization, entrance requirements, and deadlines. We are not a current APPIC-member program; however, we work in accordance with APPIC Postdoctoral Selection Guidelines, and we have designed our application process to follow the APPIC recommended deadlines for postdoctoral selection. If you have any questions after reading through the information in these pages, please contact the Assistant Director for Training, Bethany Riddle, Ph.D., by email at or by phone at 631-632-6720. 

CAPS at Stony Brook University is committed to maintaining consistency and rigor of training in tandem with careful attention to health and safety parameters during the COVID pandemic. We have transitioned to a telehealth model with a hybrid approach to staff and trainee presence in the building for a reduction of density. We will make adjustments to our approach as developments arise in concern for health and safety regulations and per guidelines of the University and state. We welcome questions from applicants about our approach for balancing consistency and rigor of training, commitment to serving our University students, and health and safety concerns of all involved.   

Thanks for your interest and good luck!