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Psychiatry Services and Medication Management

CAPS offers a team of psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners to work with students that would benefit from medication to help manage mental health concerns. Students who are interested in receiving psychiatric services at CAPS should call us at 631-632-6720. Psychiatry and medication consults are made by the counseling team at CAPS. If you have been referred for psychiatry or medication management by a counselor other than CAPS you still must be evaluated by our team.  

Psychiatry sessions at CAPS are provided to students who are registered and have paid the current semester Counseling and Health Fee. Medications are paid for by the student or are covered by insurance. Many of the prescriptions our psychiatric team provides are available in the Student Health Services pharmacy, with the exception of controlled substances.

CAPS Psychiatry does not offer walk-in hours, and does not refill prescriptions for students that have run out of refills from a prescriber at home. Students who need immediate psychiatric services are encouraged to contact their treatment provider, go to their local emergency room at Stony Brook CPEP or for 24 hours psychiatric urgent care call or visit DASH.

Stimulant Policy: To be eligible to obtain a prescription for stimulant drugs such as Adderall, Ritalin, or Concerta, you must submit a current neuropsychological exam to CAPS for approval by CAPS psychiatry. If you are interested in obtaining a neuropsychological examination, please contact the Krasner Psychological Center, located on West campus in the Psychology B building, at (631) 632-7830, or an off-campus private provider. Prior to booking an appointment for neuropsychological testing, please verify with your health insurance company what they cover and any out-of-pocket expenses. Costs for testing can be expensive. Please note that the Krasner Center does not accept insurance, but does provide discounted testing. If you are seeking an off-campus referral for this service, you are welcome to contact CAPS during business hours for assistance.