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Who We Are

Affiliated with the Stony Brook Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program ranked by U.S. News and World Report as among the top clinical psychology programs in the country, the KPC is an outpatient mental health facility that has been serving the community since 1972.  As a nonprofit training clinic for clinical psychologists, we provide psychological services based on the latest clinical and research advances. 

Our Team

How Can We Help?

The therapists at the KPC are trained in the assessment and treatment of a wide range of clinical problems. Our therapy is a collaborative effort that works toward measurable goals.

Our Services

How We Are Different

The psychological services provided at the KPC are based on cognitive-behavioral treatment models, which address the “here and now” and the problem thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that may be associated with your distress.  Our therapy is active and involves a collaborative effort and commitment between you and your therapist as you work towards measurable goals.

Our Clinic