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Our Team

The therapists of the KPC are advanced level doctoral candidates, doctoral interns and post-doctoral fellows in the clinical psychology doctoral program at Stony Brook University and from other doctoral programs in clinical psychology.  They are under the close supervision of our clinical psychology faculty, who are experts in their field and conduct research in the following areas:

  • Bio-behavioral and neuropsychological correlates of anxiety and mood disorders
  • Interventions to improve social competence in children, teens, and young adults
  • Developmental risk factors related to the onset of psychopathology
  • Relationship and individual factors related to Intimate Partner Violence and couple discord
  • Romantic competence in close relationships
  • Diagnostic classifications for personality disorders and sexual diversity issues
  • Problematic parenting and externalizing behaviors in children
  • Brief and integrative models for the treatment of trauma and risk factors that contribute to coping