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Brief Individual Counseling

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One-on-one meetings with a compassionate, nonjudgmental counselor who respects the importance of individual differences and backgrounds provides the opportunity to speak freely and discuss private, personal issues.  In individual counseling, you will meet with a counselor to discuss concerns and learn coping strategies in a private, confidential setting. The counselor will collaborate with you to set counseling goals and evaluate progress toward those goals. Students gain a wider perspective and develop more options for dealing with stressful situations and feelings.

CAPS does not provide care for chronic conditions that require intensive and recurring repeated or continuous visits. After an initial consultation, we may refer a student to more appropriate services in the community if the consultation reveals that the student's needs exceed what our evidence based model and staff expertise can accommodate.

Most students find that they meet their counseling goals within 5-10 sessions. At CAPS we have the opportunity to offer evidence based counseling services in approximately 12 sessions per academic year. If students require more than 12 sessions, alternative options (next steps) will be discussed with a counselor. 

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