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Evaluation Policies and Procedures

As part of interns’ professional development, feedback and evaluation procedures are considered integral to our mission. Feedback occurs on a regular basis during supervision and case discussions. 

Interns submit self-assessments in several areas prior to their start date.  These are reviewed by supervisors with the goal of tailoring supervisory matches with the intern’s prior level of experience and current interests.  Interns, supervisors and seminar leaders, who form the Training Committee, work closely together to offer ongoing feedback to interns, to develop an attitude of interest and curiosity around difficult moments in treatments, to augment strengths, and to thoughtfully attend to challenges.  Informal evaluations of interns are completed in October.  Formal mid-year and final evaluations are completed in January and July.  Evaluations are intended to address an intern’s strengths and areas for growth with the goal to assist the intern in developing any competencies that may require additional support.  Supervisors meet with interns individually to review evaluations before they are submitted to the Training Director.  Formal evaluations are forwarded to interns academic programs.

Interns provide anonymous evaluations of all aspects of the training program, and they are guided through the process of doing evaluations of their practicum trainee.  Interns complete both proximal (during their internship time and at the conclusion of the program) and distal (one year post-completion) evaluations.  

Policy on Completing Program Evaluations

Internship evaluations are based on competencies and benchmarks established by our profession, in both narrative and Likert scale formats for aggregating data. Evaluations are in compliance with Domain E, Section 4 of the Guidelines and Principles for Accreditation of Programs in Professional Psychology. Therefore, the CAPS training program does not enter into training contracts with academic training programs, and we do not complete evaluations on interns developed by academic training programs. If you are enrolled in an academic training program that requires such training contracts and evaluations, you are strongly encouraged to consult with your Director of Clinical Training as to whether or not you are eligible to apply to the CAPS internship program.