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Training Activities  


Individual supervision (2): Interns meet individually two hours per week with a primary supervisor (a licensed psychologist) for ongoing management of their individual caseloads.  

Group Supervision (.5): Interns co-lead groups with a senior staff member or a psychology fellow (post-doc). Supervision of groups that interns are co-leading occurs between co-leaders before and/or after groups. Additionally, issues pertaining to group are discussed in the group seminar.  

Supervision of Supervision (“Sup of Sup”) (1): Interns receive weekly supervision of their supervision of externs in a group format. This weekly meeting provides a didactic experience as well as a structure within which to review extern progress as well as extern clinical care of CAPS clients.  Interns will have an opportunity to outline their general supervisory stance and identify the aspects of their own clinical belief system.

Supervision of Apprenticeship (.5): Interns receive weekly supervision of their apprenticeship experience (if they elect to complete an apprenticeship experience). This supervisor may be a psychologist, social worker, or licensed mental health counselor.

Interns receive consultative supervision as needed regarding management of urgent/crisis situations. 



Psychotherapy Seminar (weekly, 1 hour) The purpose of this seminar is to assist interns in developing diagnostic and assessment skills, clinical intervention skills, and cultural awareness/humility in providing psychological services to a diverse population of university students. We will consider theoretical issues including critical perspectives that interrogate the cultural and philosophical context of clinical psychology; practical and treatment issues including empirically-supported approaches to psychological phenomena; and, general phases of treatment from specific interventions to termination. We will integrate issues related to cultural competence and ethical issues as they arise. These perspectives will be the building blocks for you to develop a case formulation which you will share in the late Spring/Summer.

Group Seminar (weekly, 1 hour): This one-hour, weekly seminar is designed to provide a basis of knowledge regarding group therapy process and theory, and more specifically, to facilitate growth in trainees’ abilities to implement this knowledge into practical use.  While a variety of readings will provide the backbone for this growth, much of the time will be spent discussing case examples of individuals’ groups and their experience within this modality.  Particular focus will be given to the unique context of group therapy within a university counseling center.

Other Training Experiences and Professional Development Activities

Clinical Services Team: Interns participate in weekly meetings to discuss clinical cases. 

Staff meeting: Interns participate in weekly staff meetings in which myriad clinical and administrative issues are discussed. 

A major component of intern growth over the course of the year is development of a professional identity, which occurs by working day in and day out as a staff member on a multidisciplinary unit.