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Training Activities


Psychology fellows participate in activities at both CAPS and CPO (with 10-12/hours per week spent conducting outreach activities with CPO).


Professional activities in which psychology fellows participate include:

  • Intervention activities including:

      • Intakes

      • Initial consultations and acute crisis management

      • Individual therapy

      • Group therapy

  • Consultation activities

  • Provision of supervision to a psychology intern or other trainee in psychology or related field;  

  • Outreach activities including Let’s Talk programming.

Psychology fellows receive two hours per week of individual, face-to-face, on-site supervision with a licensed psychologist for their clinical activities. They as well receive supervision for and oversight of their outreach activities and group work.  Postdoctoral fellows participate in additional learning activities including Postdoc Seminar (at CAPS) and Outreach Seminar (at CPO). Psychology fellows also attend a weekly Staff Meeting and a weekly Clinical Services Meeting at CAPS.