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MA Public Policy/MBA Combined Degree Program

The joint MAPP/MBA program is a 66 to 71 credit program which combines 24 to 27 credits taken in the Department of Political Science and 42 to 45 credits taken in the College of Business. The combined degree is approximately 21 credits shorter than the two programs would be if taken independently.

With the increasing political and economic interdependence of the private and public sectors, students pursuing careers in business would benefit from a deeper understanding of public policy and its impact on the finances and management of most businesses. At the same time, students pursuing careers in government or government-related fields will clearly benefit from understanding the multi-faceted financial and organizational imperatives of modern business enterprises.

Most graduates from this combined degree are expected to find employment in the public sector, as well as in private firms strongly impacted by government regulation and other interventions, for example: real estate, banking and the many industries that depend heavily on government contracts.

For information, please contact the College of Business at:

State University of New York at Stony Brook

College of Business, Office of Student Services

Harriman Hall, Room 109

Stony Brook, NY 11794-3775

Phone: (631)632-7171

Or visit the Department of Political Science department.