Undergraduate Bulletin

Fall 2023

Major SBC Courses for the BA in Environmental Design, Policy, and Planning

This table illustrates major courses that can also be used to fulfill SBC requirements (See Note 1 & Note 2).

SBC Category

Required Major Courses

Optional Major Courses (See Note 3)

GLO   AFS 374, SUS 316
HUM   SUS 316
LANG (see Note 4)    
QPS AMS 102 AMS 151, MAT 123, MAT 125, MAT 130, MAT 131
SBS ECO 108, GSS 105, POL 102, SUS 115, SUS 200  
SNW CHE 115/ENV 115 ENS 101, GEO 102, SUS 111, SUS 113
TECH SUS 201 GSS 313, GSS 317
USA POL 102 SUS 317
STAS   SUS 311
EXP+ EDP 404 EDP 487, EDP 488, SUS 316
HFA+   SUS 320, SUS 321, SUS 325, SUS 328, SUS 329, SUS 366
SBS+ EDP 301, EDP 302, EDP 307, SUS 206 AFS 374, SUS 317, SUS 318
STEM+   SUS 322
CER   SUS 366
DIV (see Note 5)    
SPK SUS 301  
WRTD SUS 459 SUS 321, SUS 325, SUS 328

Note 1: Some course information may be subject to change. Please contact your major advisor for additional consultation.

Note 2: For majors that require study in a related area or completion of a minor, visit the respective program's "Major SBC Courses" page to view expanded SBC options. 

Note 3: Denotes any course in which students can choose from more than one option. These may include, but are not limited to, major electives, concentration/track/specialization courses, or calculus/physics/chemistry sequences.

Note 4: CEAS majors, the Athletic Training major, the Respiratory Care major, and the Clinical Laboratory Sciences major are exempt from the LANG learning objective. Students enrolled in the major in Social Work are exempt from the LANG learning objective, but are required to enroll in and pass with a letter grade of C or higher the first semester of an elementary foreign language course numbered 111, or satisfy through alternate methods (see Communicate in a Human Language Other than English--LANG). 

Note 5: Students are responsible for completing the general education requirements published in the Bulletin that was current as of the first semester of matriculation (or rematriculation). The following student groups must satisfy the DIV learning objective as part of their degree requirements:

  • Freshmen who matriculate in the Fall of 2019 or later
  • Transfer students who matriculate in the Spring of 2020 or later
  • Students who rematriculate in the Fall of 2019 or later