Undergraduate Bulletin

Fall 2023

Environmental Design, Policy, and Planning (EDP)

The Environmental Design, Policy, and Planning major, leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree, provides the skills, knowledge, and preparation for students to understand and address complex issues related to development, land-use, urbanization, and suburban sprawl.  The curriculum integrates principles and methodologies from social sciences, natural sciences, and humanities.  The goal is to address the complex scientific, legal, ethical, political, environmental, and socio-economic issues that surround the development, management, and use of the built environment. 

The B.A. degree prepares students for entry-level employment in the public, private, or non-profit sectors in a variety of fields including urban and regional planning, community planning, environmental consulting, land and real estate development, and public administration.   The major prepares students for graduate study in environmental design, planning, architecture, law, management and business. 

The major builds on the interdisciplinary sustainability core curriculum.  Students will enroll in major-specific courses in their junior and senior year.  As part of the preparation, students will work in teams with students enrolled in related majors to collaboratively solve problems.  A design project is an essential part of the curriculum to provide real-world experience.  Internships and independent research courses provide additional real-world experiences.  Seniors are required to present their Design Project at an Annual Gathering of Researchers and Scholars.