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Terms of Occupancy 2021-2022

Last Updated: 9/15/2021

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Additional Addendums and Reminders about Your 2021-2022 Housing Agreement

As we all strive to keep ourselves and our communities safe in these challenging times, it’s imperative that everyone adhere to necessary precautions. This is a very serious situation, and everyone is expected to follow these guidelines while living in campus housing. Should you not strictly follow these directives, your housing agreement may be terminated immediately and will need to meet with a conduct officer for a hearing. Students will need to accept and acknowledge these addendums and reminders prior to checking into their housing assignment.

COVID-19 Campus Residences Policies

  • Residential students must have a vaccination uploaded to " Woflie Health Portal" or have applied for and received an exception. See this message from the Division of Student Affairs on July 16 for more details:
  • Students are required to obtain a negative COVID test (PCR or antigen) taken within 5 days prior to coming to Stony Brook. At check-in, Campus Residences' staff will not retain documents, but view proof and return to the student for safe handling. Mobile uploads permitted such as Excelsior Pass. Commuters can upload to Wolfie Health Portal.
  • At times of move-in and move-out you will be limited to two guests assisting you. All memebers must wear a face mask. 
  • Comply with University expectations in regards to mask requirements and regular COVID-19 testing at University designated locations and any additional testing expectations.
  • Guests and visitors will be limited.
    • Guest policy through Friday, September 24: No overnight guests are permitted in campus residence hall rooms, suites, or apartments. Each resident is permitted to have one resident guest. Non-resident guests are not permitted, including commuter or off-campus students, family members, or friends. This will allow your RA to meet with you and your roommates to discuss the guest policy and expectations.
    • Guest policy effective Saturday, September 25 : Guests who have completed their COVID-19 Vaccine will be allowed as guests as per the normal Terms of Occupancy guidelines. The only exception for a non-vaccinated guest is someone under the age of 12. No other vaccine exceptions are permitted for guests. Guests must be able to show proof of vaccination status at any point in the residence hall if requested by staff.
      • Each resident of an apartment/room/suite may host no more than two guests. Total occupancy may never exceed twice the number of residents assigned to that space. For example, a six-person suite may be occupied by a MAXIMUM of 12 persons total.
      • Late Night/Overnight Guests:
        • Residents are permitted to host overnight guests, which is any person or persons remaining in a residential community between the hours of 11:00pm and 9:00am. Residents seeking to host a late night/overnight guest must follow all published procedures. Procedures are available within each residential building from the Residence Hall Director, or their designee. This policy applies to SBU affiliated guests only, including residential students, commuters, and off-campus students.
        • Only late night/overnight guests whose hosts have followed the published procedures are permitted to stay in a residential facility. No individual may be a late night/overnight guest for more than three (3) nights in any seven (7) day period, and a maximum of six (6) nights in any thirty (30) day period.
      • See the Terms of Occupancy II.G. Guest Policy for full details.
    • The guest policy will be evaluated mid-fall to see if any additional allowances can be made for hosting guests. The guest policy may be modified and suspended at any given time should university guidelines surrounding COVID-19 change. 
  • If you are directed to relocate in quarantine or isolation for a period of time, you must comply with the directives provided by University Officials.

Additional policies and procedures may be implemented throughout the housing agreements period response to COVID-19.


Community Living Reminders

  • You will need to work with you fellow residential students to establish healthy and safe practices for your room, suite, apartment, and building.
  • You will be expected to participate in roommate, suitemate, and apartment agreements as applicable.
  • Campus Residences will assist, but cannot mandate outside of the COVID-19 and other University Policies how your roommate, suitemate, or fellow community members will behave.
  • When issues regarding policy violations are reported, Campus Residences will respond, assist with mediation, and/or address through conduct processes.
  • University staff or contractors will visit your apartment to address maintenance concerns and to complete regular health and safety assessments.
  • It is strongly recommended that you not share personal items with a roommate, suitemate, or apartment mate. 
  • Do not allow garbage to collect in your oom, suite, or apartment. Properly bag and dispose of all garbage into trash/recycling rooms in your building/area.

Housing Agreement Cancellation, Termination, and Financial Liability Information

Housing cancellations prior to posted deadlines are eligible for a $100 credit of the deposit. After a student moves into their housing agreement, they are financially liable unitl the end of the agreement period. Please see the related housing website for the most up to date information on this information.


Code of Student Responsibility

View the Code of Student Responsibility in full PDF format.

Revision Date: December 12, 2018



Rules of Public Order

Part 535 of Title VIII

Official Compilation of Codes, Rules and Regulations of the State of New York

State University Board of Trustees' Rules for the Maintenance of Public Order


Title IX

Information regarding the University Title IX policy can be found on the   Office of Equity and Accesssite.