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Terms of Occupancy 2021-2022

Last Updated: 3/12/2021

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Below are the Additional Addendums and Reminder about 2020-2021 Housing Agreement that lists our current COVID-19 Policies that as of today will be in place for the 2021-2022 Agreement period. Additional policies and procedures may be implemented throughout the housing agreement period in response to COVID-19. If the situation improves, these policies may be lessened.


Terms of Occupancy 2020-2021

Last Updated: 8/3/2020

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Additional Addendums and Reminders about Your 2020-2021 Housing Agreement

As we all strive to keep ourselves and our communities safe in these challenging times, it’s imperative that everyone adhere to necessary precautions. This is a very serious situation, and everyone is expected to follow these guidelines while living in campus housing. Should you not strictly follow these directives, your housing agreement may be terminated immediately and will need to meet with a conduct officer for a hearing. Students will need to accept and acknowledge these addendums and reminders prior to checking into their housing assignment.

COVID-19 Campus Residences Policies

  • You MUST limit your interactions with others and ALWAYS follow distancing requirements -- that is, you must remain 6 feet away from others (including in shared spaces).
  • Wearing a face covering is required whenever you leave your room, suite or apartment. Anyone entering the building with you on move in day to assist with your arrival must also be wearing a face covering or they will not be permitted to enter the building.
  • You are required to do a daily temperature and COVID-19 symptom check before leaving your residence hall/apartment. 
  • Comply with University expectations in regards to regular COVID-19 testing at University designated locations and any additional testing expectations.
  • Make sure you complete the  CampusClear app daily to identify any signs or symptoms of COVID-19.
  • If you leave campus overnight, you will need to get tested by Enzo labs as soon as you return to campus.
  • You are expected to primarily remain on campus. Leaving your space for academic or campus employment reasons, to go for a walk on campus by yourself, to travel to local stores, or to go to the dining facilities should be governed by distancing and careful consideration of your safety and the safety of others. If you do need to leave campus, you are expected to follow all social distancing and face covering requirements to ensure your safety and the safety of others. Do not attend parties or group gatherings where people are not following social distancing or wearing masks, as these are examples of potential super spreaders of COVID-19.
  • If your residence is in an apartment or suite, use of the kitchen and bathroom facilities is a shared responsibility between you and your fellow residents. Clean and disinfect all surfaces on a regular basis. Bathroom surfaces should be wiped down after each use. Restrict shared use of all such spaces, in the interest of maintaining social distancing.
  • Public kitchen facilities in residence halls are no longer provided. In suite-style cooking buildings, the shared use of cooking facilities also requires cleaning and disinfecting shared kitchen facilities, as well as appropriate social distancing, are required as well. Students may continue to bring a small refrigerator from home or may enter into a rental agreement for a Microfridge (combined refrigerator and microwave) with FSA and Microfridge.
  • Corridor-style residence halls no longer provide a cooking option. Residents of all corridor style residence halls must enroll in one of the Resident Meal Plan options offered by FSA.
  • Laundry facilities in your building have an occupancy restriction, limiting the number of people allowed in the space. In addition, you must maintain appropriate physical distancing from other users sharing the space with you. Washing machine and dryer surfaces, as well as all tabletop surfaces, should be wiped down after each use. In the interest of personal health and safety, please refrain from removing another student’s clothing from the machines.
  • Revised occupancy restrictions have been developed for all lounges, fitness centers, computing centers and other common areas within the residence halls and apartments. Occupancy limits will be posted within each location. Residents are expected to comply with these occupancy restrictions.
  • In the event of a fire alarm, all students must wear masks when leaving their room and while standing outside, and that students should maintain physical distance when outside during a fire alarm.
  • Guests and visitors will be limited. Specifically, no guests are permitted through the second week of the semester. This will allow your RA to meet with you and your roommates to discuss the guest policy and expectations. SBU-affiliated guests are permitted (after the first two weeks) subject to the following limitations:
    • The hosting resident and any visiting resident (within their own residence hall or another residence hall) must wear a face covering over their nose and mouth while in the resident’s room, suite, apartment, or any public space in the building. Any resident guest who does not comply with wearing a face covering or other safety protocols will be asked to leave and referred to Residential Conduct and Community Standards.
    • Residents are limited to hosting one guest per resident within their room/suite/apartment
    • No overnight guests are allowed
    • No Stony Brook-affiliated non-resident guests (i.e., commuters or off-campus students) or guests (i.e., parents or family members) from outside Stony Brook are permitted. You are welcome to meet with Stony Brook commuters, off-campus friends, and other non-Stony Brook guests in public spaces on campus (just not in any residence halls).
      • Exceptions will be granted for move-in/move-out
      • Exceptions will be granted for ADA compliance requirements
      • All exceptions are still subject to the same guest limits and expectations
    • Roommate agreements will be utilized to clarify roommate expectations
    • Should guests fail to comply with these expectations, they can be asked to leave and the guest privileges of the resident can be revoked

This guest policy applies to all students living in campus housing, including those living in single rooms.

The guest policy may be suspended at any given time should university guidelines surrounding COVID-19 change.

  • Group gatherings will be required to follow guidelines consistent with distancing and the capacity of the space in question. An important consideration is connecting with friends or other students via video chat, call, or text.
  • If there is a University directive to remain in your room for an extended period of time, you must comply.
  • If you are directed to relocate in isolation for a period of time, you must comply with the directives provided by University Officials.
  • If we receive a significant number of cancellations, you may be consolidated and reassigned to a new space prior to your arrival.
  • While the University hopes to maintain regular operations throughout the year, should an increase in Covid-19 cases occur resulting in a decision to close or limit access to housing facilities, you must comply with the directives provided by University personnel. You should develop a plan about where you would live should this occur.

Additional policies and procedures may be implemented throughout the housing agreement period in response to COVID-19.

Community Living Reminders

  • You will need to work with your fellow residential students to establish healthy and safe practices for your room, suite, apartment, and building.
  • You will be expected to participate in roommate, suitemate, and apartment agreements as applicable.
  • Campus Residences will assist, but cannot mandate outside of the COVID-19 and other University Policies how your roommate, suitemates, or fellow community members will behave.
  • When issues regarding policy violations are reported, Campus Residences will respond, assist with mediation, and/or address through conduct processes.
  • University staff or contractors will visit your apartment to address maintenance concerns and to complete regular health and safety assessments.
  • It is strongly recommended that you not share personal items with a roommate / suitemate or apartment mate.
  • Do not allow garbage to collect in your room, suite or apartment. Properly bag and dispose of all garbage into trash/recycling rooms in your building/area.

Billing and Financial Liability

As part of the housing agreement, residents acknowledge that once they are assigned a space in campus housing and accept the key at check-in to that space, they are financially liable for the full housing agreement even if they subsequently choose to move out of campus housing. Students who graduate, participate in an SBU external study, or withdraw will be released early from their housing agreement. There are limited exceptions for release from your agreement's financial liability during the year. For full details regarding the financial liability policy visit the Terms of Occupancy.

Upon reasonable notice, residents may be required to vacate the residence halls on a temporary or permanent basis in accordance with state, county or University mandates and requirements. In the event that Campus Residences terminates housing due to public health concerns, the University will offer fair and reasonable reimbursement of the housing fee for impacted students as appropriate and based on information available at that time.

Residents who are removed from housing as a result of a conduct hearing will continue to be financially liable through the end of their agreement.

Meal Plan Information: FSA has updated their Meal Plan Terms and Conditions for the academic year 2020-21. Should the Stony Brook University campus decide to close unexpectedly due to public health concerns in accordance with state, county, or University mandates and requirements, FSA will offer fair and reasonable reimbursement of the meal plan fee for impacted students as appropriate and based on information available at that time. See  Meal Plan Terms and Conditions for full meal plan information.

Family and Graduate Agreements are until June 1, 2021. Students are billed monthly. We will not be having a sublet process for this agreement period out of precaution due to COVID-19.

Undergraduate Agreements are until May 19, 2021. Students are billed by semester. Spring Semester Housing is for January 4, 2021 - May 19, 2021. You are billed for the full term regardless if you occupy the spaces during any break periods or classes being online only.

New Spring Applicants: If you cancel your housing prior to arrival and no later than January 31, you will not be held financially liable for the agreement period and are eligible for a $100 credit of your deposit. Students who complete the Housing Selection Process, do not cancel by January 31, and fail to check in will be charged until the first Wednesday of the semester. If a student communicates that they will be checking in on a later date (other than the date of which their Housing Agreement begins on) and they do not check in, they will be charged up until the arrival date they requested.


Alcohol Policy

Information regarding the   University Alcohol Policy can be found in the  University Policy Manual  through the Office of Administration. 

Code of Student Responsibility

View the Code of Student Responsibility in full PDF format.

Revision Date: December 12, 2018



Rules of Public Order

Part 535 of Title VIII

Official Compilation of Codes, Rules and Regulations of the State of New York

State University Board of Trustees' Rules for the Maintenance of Public Order


Title IX

Information regarding the University Title IX policy can be found on the   Office of Equity and Accesssite.