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Registering for Services

Services are provided to all eligible Stony Brook students covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment Act (ADAA).  Services can only be initiated when students self-disclose their disabilities and request some type of assistance.

Registering for accommodations is an interactive processes that requires students to speak with a member of SASC's staff and to provide appropriate documentaiton. Documentation is requested to verify disability and to assist in determining reasonable accommodations.

All information and documentation related to a disability is confidential, not part of the academic transcript and is not released without the student's written consent.

Step 1 Student Intake Form:

All students requesting accommodations should start by completing the Online Student Intake Form. This form must accompany any documentation submitted in support of accommodations. 

The Online Student Intake Form requires an SBU NetID login. Students who do not have a NetID should complete the PDF or DOC Student Intake Form which they can download below.

Download: Intake Form PDF | Intake Form Word Doc

Step 2 Documentation:

In addition to the Student Intake Form, students should read the descriptions of the documentation forms available below and submit the appropriate form(s). Students will need to work with a treating professional in order to complete the documentation forms.  Any questions about documentation should be directed to the SASC at or at 631-632-6748.

All forms should be submitted to the SASC by email ( or by fax (631-632-6747). In order to process forms, students should be sure to include their SBU ID Number and requested contact information on each form

Step 3 Meet with an Accessibility Counselor:

Once SASC receives your Intake and Documentation, you will need with a SASC Accessibility Counselor. The counselor will discuss your request for acccommodations with you one-on-one to help put reasonable accommodations in place. The Accessibility Counselor will help communicate the accommodations with appropriate members of the campus community to implement the accommodations (e.g. instructors, Campus Residences, Parking and Transportation). 

SASC does not disclose students' disabilities when communicating with campus parteners. They only provide information directly required to implement reasonable accommodaitons.