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Student Intake Form: Students who require accommodations should start by completing the Student Intake Form. This form must accompany any documentation submitted in support of accommodations.

Download:   PDF   |   Word document

In addition to the Student Intake Form, students should read the descriptions of the documentation forms available below and submit the appropriate form(s). Students will need to work with a treating professional in order to complete the documentation forms.  Any questions about documentation should be directed to teh SASC at or at 631-632-6748.

All forms should be submitted to SASC by email (, by fax (631-632-6747), or in person at the SASC (128 Educational Communications Center). In order to process forms, students should be sure to include their SBU ID Number and requested contact information on each form. 

Documentation of Disability: Students requesting classroom, testing, accessibility, mobility, or any other non-housing related accommodation should work with a treatment professional to complete the Documentation of Disability Form.  Care should be taken to ensure the treatment provider includes all information requested on the form.

Download: PDF | Word document

Documentation for Residence Hall Room Adjustments: Residential students requesting accommodations (other than a single room assignment) should work with their treatment provider to complete the Documentation for Residence Hall Room Adjustment Form. 

The Residence Hall Room Adjustment Form should also be used to request any accommodations related to campus dining services. 

Download: PDF | Word document

Documentation for Medical Single Requests: Students requesting a single room assignment as an accommodation should work with their treatment provider to complete the Medical Single Request Form. Students who are requesting an adjustment to a single room assignment and other residential accommodations may submit the Medical Single Request Form in support of these other accommodations without including a Residence Hall Room Adjustment Form.

Download: PDF | Word document


Paratransit Schedule: Students may request mobility assistance through SBU's para-transportation bus service by completing the Para-Transportation Schedule and submitting it with accompanying Student Intake Information and Documentation of Disability Forms. Students who have already provided documentation in support of Para-Transportation Services can update their transportation schedule by submitting a new form.

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