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Spring 2021 Housing Application Information

The information below is for students who do not currently live on campus for the Fall 2020 semester and are looking to move on campus for Spring 2021 Housing.

Please see the housing portal for the most up to date information in regards to the housing application process and timeline. 

For detailed information about moving in see this  linked documentWe recommend checking this information a few days prior to your arrival to ensure you have the most up to date information .

Deposit Information

You are required to pay a $200 housing deposit online in your Solar Account. January 3 is our priority deposit and application deadline for Spring 2021 on campus housing. You can still deposit and apply after the priority deadline until January 30. Cancellation requests received by January 31 are eligible for $100 deposit credit to their student account.

For continuing students who currently live off campus: We recommend waiting to deposit and apply until you are sure you want on campus housing for Spring 2021.

For Spring 2021 newly admitted students: If after class registration your classes are all online, you can cancel by January 31 to receive a full $200 deposit. You must reference that your cancellation is due to all online classes. Once we confirm this, we will credit the full $200 to your student account.

Important Dates

  • November 30: Application goes live and you will see a save and continue at the bottom of the Spring 2021 Housing Application Information page in the housing portal
  • January 3: Priority Application Deadline
  • January 4-7: New First Years (Admitted Fall 2020 or Spring 2021) are administratively assigned into their Undergraduate College
  • January 11-22: Returning Upperclass, New Transfers, and New Graduates self select assignment in the housing portal.
  • January 15-31: Move-In Dates between 9am-5pm on business days and January 30-31
  • January 30: Last day to pay a housing deposit in Solar
  • January 31: Last day to apply for Spring 2021 Housing

What will the application consist of?

Can I select my room?

New First Years (Admitted Fall 2020 or Spring 2021) are placed into Undergraduate Colleges that will determine in which Quad they will be administratively assigned a room.

Returning Upperclass, New Transfers, and New Graduates will be given a starting timeslot the week of January 11 to return to the system and self-select a room on campus for spaces they are eligible. Selections must by made by January 22. Students who complete applications but do not select will be administratively placed.

Can I select a roommate?

New First Year students can request a specific roommate by adding that student's ID number on the page titled "Optional Roommate Request" to be utilized during administrative placements.

Returning Upperclass, New Transfers, and New Graduates will be able to see profiles of people already in rooms they are looking to select. If they know of someone who already lives on campus they can select a room with them at time of selection as long as space is available. If multiple individuals who are applying for Spring 2021 housing want to live together, they can coordinate their selection for the desired location to be at the same time. 

When do I move into my space?

Spring semester classes start February 1. You will select an arrival date between January 15-29 on business days or January 30 and 31. 

We encourage new spring admits to select January 27 or 28 for their arrival date and all other students to select January 29, 30, or 31 for their arrival date unless you have a desire or need to be on campus sooner.

Undergraduate housing is billed by the spring housing term so there is no additional charge or credit to your account based on the arrival date you select.

Graduate housing is billed monthly and charged based on date of first arrival.

Important Financial Liability and Cancellation Information

Financial liability for spring semester begins upon check-in and receiving your key. If you cancel prior to January 31 and have not checked in, you can receive $100 of your deposit back. If you have not checked in and cancel after January 31, you will be considered a late cancellation and be billed until the first Wednesday of the semester or the date you request a late cancellation, whichever is later.

Important COVID-19 Information

The university has several measures in place. More information can be found at our  Coming Back Safe and Strong Website. We are committed to complying with best practices and guidelines, in the interest of providing residents with a residential experience consistent with maintaining a safe and healthy environment. Please note that the information we are giving you is current as of today. The information you receive from us could change at any time based upon orders from the Governor's Office. We are operating at designed capacity which means you will have the normal amount of roommates, suitemates, and apartmentmates. Important information related to Campus Residences and COVID-19 Measures:

COVID-19 Policies and Practices are subject to guidance from the CDC, Office of the Governor of NY, SUNY policies, and campus policies. When new expectations and practices are announced, we will work to update our information as soon as possible once decisions are made on how campus will manage these new expectations.

Will new first year and transfers be placed into temporary triples? For the 2020-2021 academic year we are NOT placing new students into temporary triples. Some rooms in corridor style are design three person rooms, but for this year we will only be using these as double occupancy spaces.