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Spring 2022 New Student Housing Application Information

Students who do not complete the process by this deadline will not have on-campus housing.



Is there a housing deposit?

There is a $200 housing deposit that students pay in SOLAR. Students participating in EOP do not need to pay a housing deposit.

Deposits must be made no later than January 19 at 5pm.

If you cancel by January 15 and have not moved into your space yet, we will credit $100 of your $200 deposit back to your student account. 

 What will the application consist of?

When will I apply?

The application will be accessible in the housing portal starting November 15.* The priority deadline for the first part of your application is January 2, 2022.

* Starting Monday, November 8 at 9am you will see an offline message in our housing portal while we migrate to a new environment for our database.  This should take approximately one week for the data to migrate and have our system running again.  If there are components delayed with our software providers implementation this may go into the week of November 15. This will not impact your application or housing as our priority deadline is not until January 2. All applications will be offline during this time frame including our End of Semester and Winter Intent, Waitlists, and our Spring New Student Application.

How do I apply?

Housing applications and many other transactions are completed via our Housing Portal. When the application goes live in November, you will need to submit your application on the New Student tab in the housing portal. Visit . The housing portal makes use of NetID and Password for the university through the CAS SSO Provider blue-button login. 

Setting up Net ID and Duo Security Two-Step Login

To better protect your personal information and the University, a   NetID   and   Duo  Security two-step login  is required to access all Single Sign-On protected applications. which includes widely used  services such as Email, Zoom and StarRez . If you have not completed the setup of your NetID and   Duo, please do so   prior to   trying to use StarRez.

If possible, add a second device, such as a tablet or home phone, should your default device be unavailable.  Logging into the   Duo  Portal to Add or Remove Devices


For specific information based on who you are, select the section that applies to you below

Important COVID-19 Information Related to Move-In:

In addition to 2021-2022 Terms of Occupancy and the Addendums related to COVID-19 for while you live with us. We require all residents, even those vaccinated, to show a negative PCR or Antigen (Rapid) test result at time of check-in that was taken within 3 days prior to arrival. You are limited to two guests who must wear masks during your move in period to assist you with move-in.

How will I be able to select a roommate?

Due to limited space availability for Spring 2022 we cannot take roommate requests. For anyone administratively placed, we use questions you answer in the application to work on a potential roommate match within our system. 

What is Gender Inclusive Housing?

  • Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH) is a housing option in which two or more students share a bedroom, suite, and/or apartment regardless of the students' sex, gender identity or gender expression. In other words, this option allows for students of any gender identity to live together regardless of sex assigned at birth.
  • Choosing to live in Gender Inclusive Housing means that residents will have roommates and/or suitemates of any gender identities.
  • Residents of Gender Inclusive Housing are committed to creating and affirming a bias-free environment for everyone living in this community.
  • If you have an interest in Gender Inclusive Housing, you can sign up for this in the housing portal during published time frames . You will see a tab along the top of your housing portal labeled GIH. 
  • Once that process is live, please review all information prior to submitting it. Once submitted you have signed up to live in this community for the academic year. You will not be able to room change or room swap into gender-based male or female housing.
  • New Spring 2022 Students will be able to sign up and see the GIH tab in the housing portal from December 1 until January 3. After January 3 at 5pm, sign-up is closed for the 21-22 academic year.

How do I go about cancelling my application and will I receive any of my deposit back?

If you no longer need on-campus housing, students can submit their cancellation request in the housing portal. You should see a link on the main page in regards to a cancellation request. Please see related information below in regards to financial liability with cancellation requests:

Cancelation requests must be made prior to moving into your assignment. Once you have moved in you are financially liable for the remainder of your agreement even if you move out. Please see our financial liability website for full details.

If you cancel prior to January 15 and have not checked in, you can receive $100 of your deposit back. If you have not checked in and cancel after January 23, you will be considered a late cancellation and be billed until the first Wednesday of the semester or the date you request a late cancellation, whichever is later.

Any resident who cancels their housing agreement loses eligibility for future housing. Choosing to live off campus requires the student to join a waiting list if they are interested in housing for a future semester or year. We cannot predict when or guarantee if students will get on campus housing by joining the waitlist. See full details on our financial liability website .