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campus cuisine

2023 - 2024 MEAL PLANS

Fall 2023 Meal Plan START Dates:

Dining Dollars will be active August 18*     |     Meal Swipes and Meal Exchanges will be active August 21 with dinner

For a complete list of hours visit

New for 2023 - 2024!

All students can use their dining dollars at West campus and East campus (Stony Brook University Hospital) dining locations.

All students on an unlimited meal plan or block meal plan will have the option to use one meal exchange per day at Roth Food Court.

Students on an unlimited meal plan can use TWO takeout meals per day at East Side and West Side dine-in.

Summer 2023 Meal Plans

Commuter/Apartment 600

  • 600 Dining Dollars*

Cost: $600 per semester


*Dining Dollars roll from summer to fall.

Budget Plan

  • 20 Dining Dollars* (minimum to open)
  • Prepaid cost
  • No sign-up required


*Dining Dollars roll from summer to fall.

Fall 2023 - Spring 2024 Meal Plans

2023-2024 Dine-In Door Rates

When using Dining Dollars to pay the door price at dine-in locations you save 10%!

Door Prices**

  • Breakfast: $8.75
  • Lunch/Brunch: $15
  • Dinner: $16

**Door Price: Patrons who do not have meal swipes, may pay the listed door price during each meal period. Dining Dollars, Wolfie Wallet and Credit/Debit are accepted.

Meal Periods*

  • Breakfast (Mon - Fri): 7:30am to 10:59am
  • Lunch (Mon - Fri): East Side: 11am to 3:59pm • West Side: 11am to 4:59pm
  • Brunch (Sat - Sun): East Side: 9am to 3:59pm • West Side: 9am to 4:59pm
  • Dinner (Mon - Sun): East Side: 4pm to 11pm • West Side: 5pm to 11pm
  • Late Night (Mon - Sun): Visit our food trucks during late night! More information coming soon.

*Hours subject to change.

For a full list of dining locations, hours, menus, and nutrition information, visit the campus dining website.


Students on an unlimited meal plan can use two takeout meals per day by following these three easy steps:

  1. Let the cashier know you wish to use the takeout option upon entry to the dine-in location instead of your dine-in all you care to eat option for this visit.
  2. The cashier will give you your takeout items.
  3. Visit each station to fill your container with all of the delicious foods that you enjoy.

Once you have filled up your takeout container and beverage cup you are required to leave the dining location. Takeout meals are not to be eaten in the dining areas.