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Terms and Conditions

All meal plans selected are ANNUAL (fall and spring) agreements. Students are billed for a new meal plan each semester. Meal plans are non-transferable and are for the use of the meal plan holder only. Sharing meal swipes or dining dollars is not permitted. By signing up for an account, you agree to receive email notifications regarding your meal plan.

Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars may be used at any Retail dining location.  Retail dining locations include: Roth Cafe (including Subway), Jasmine, Student Activities Center (SAC), Tabler Market, Starbucks (Roth Cafe, Melville Library, Mobile Truck), HDV/GLS Center, East Side Dining Retail (Urban Eats, Healthy By Nature, Pizza Villaggio, Halal NY), East Side Dining Retail Emporium (Delancey St. Kosher and Island Soul), The Market at West Side and pizza delivery! You may also use Dining Dollars to pay the door price at Dine-In (East Side Dining and West Side Dining). All dining locations also accept Wolfie Wallet, cash or credit/debit.

Dining Dollars roll over from Summer to Fall, Fall to Winter or Spring, but not to Summer or the following academic year (Spring to Fall). The last day to use Dining Dollars is Spring Commencement. Remaining balances are forfeited.

Meal Swipes

Dine-In Meal Swipes may be used at West Side Dining or East Side Dining regardless of where you live. The choice is yours!

Meal swipes do not roll over and expire at the end of each semester.  Remaining balances are forfeited.

Guest Passes

Unlimited meal plans include Guest Passes which can be used to swipe in a friend or visiting family member. Guest passes may be used at West Side Dining Dine-In and East Side Dining Dine-In only.  Guest passes do not roll over and expire at the end of each semester.  Remaining balances are forfeited.

Meal Exchange

If you are a student living in Roth or Tabler Quads and have an unlimited meal plan, you may use a Meal Swipe (one per day) at Roth Cafe. A meal exchange is a meal plan option that adds flexibility to your dining options and use of your unlimited meal plan.

Only students who have an unlimited meal plan may use a Roth Meal Exchange. Students with any other meal plan can use Dining Dollars at Roth Cafe. Wolfie Wallet, cash, and credit/debit are also accepted forms of payment at Roth Cafe.

Meal exchanges do not roll over and expire at the  end of each semester.  Remaining balances are forfeited.

For more information on meal exchange, visit the  FAQs page.  

Take Out (at Dine-In)

Take-out meals are offered at both resident Dine-In Locations (West Side Dining and East Side Dining) for students who prefer the value and choices of the Dine-In experience, but occasionally do not have the time to eat there because of other commitments.

For students who have a greater need for flexibility, meal plan options with more Dining Dollars should be considered.

How to Take-Out at Dine-In:

Take-out is offered to students who either do not have time to sit and enjoy a meal at Dine-In or those who wish to take their food to go.

  1. When swiping into Dine-In, request a Take-Out meal
  2. You will receive a drink cup/lid and one disposable clamshell container
  3. The receipt will remain with the cashier as you choose your meal and drink
  4. The container must be able to close. No other food or drink can be removed
  5. When you leave, you will pick up your receipt
  6. Enjoy your meal!

Payment options:

  1. If you are on an unlimited meal plan, you may request a Take-Out meal once per day.
  2. If you are on a weekly or block meal plan, you may request a Take-Out meal once per day.
  3. Students using Dining Dollars, Wolfie Wallet, cash or credit/debit will be charged the appropriate door rate.

Reusable Takeout Containers

Help make Stony Brook a greener community with  Reusable Takeout Containers! Use Dining Dollars to pay $5 for a reusable take out container. Containers are available at East Side Dine-In, West Side Dine-In and Roth Food Court. Containers may be returned for a clean one each visit. Your $5 fee will be refunded to your card when you return your final container.

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Requirements for Resident Students

All undergraduate students who reside in the residence halls and who are in their first or second semester of enrollment at Stony Brook are required to enroll in a resident meal plan, regardless of the residence hall in which they reside. Resident students, who live in a residence hall or area designated as non-cooking, must enroll in a resident meal plan regardless of class year or tenure at Stony Brook.


Meal plan enrollment may be waived on a religious or medical basis only. Request for a waiver must be made in writing to the Campus Dining Registered Dietitian. This must be done prior to, or within two weeks of, moving on campus. Those residents who obtain a meal plan waiver will be required to reside in or relocate to a resident hall/area designated as cooking. A pro-rated weekly charge for a meal plan will result until the waiver is obtained. Any dietary concerns should be directed to the Campus Dining Registered Dietitian at (631) 632-9979.

Upgrades, Downgrades and Cancellations

Downgrade requests may be submitted up to and including the first 2 weeks of the semester. Please note, during the first 2 weeks of the semester, downgrade requests made Saturday through Thursday will take effect the following Friday.

Your Student Account must be in good standing in order to upgrade or add funds to your meal plan and have it billed to your account.

Because this is an annual agreement, students who withdraw/graduate from the University must notify the Meal Plan Office. Meal plans will be prorated weekly. Otherwise the student will be charged the full amount of the meal plan.

If you are leaving the university and need to cancel your meal plan, you may do so in person or via the web.

The credit will be posted to your Student Account (able to be viewed in SOLAR under Student Financial Services).

Lost / Stolen Cards

To prevent others from obtaining meals and charging them against a student’s account, lost cards must be immediately reported in person or via the web. Report your card in person to the Meal Plan or ID Office or at any cash register in any of the Campus Dining locations during business hours. You can reactivate your card at the Meal Plan Office or the ID Office.

Important Meal Plan Dates*:



Thursday, January 23, 2020

Last day to use Fall meal exchanges

Saturday, January 25, 2020

First day to use Spring meal exchanges

Sunday, January 26, 2020

First Day of Dine-In Meal Swipes for Spring Semester

Friday, May 22, 2020

Last Meal Plan Day (Last Day to use Meal Plans; Dine-In Swipes, Meal Exchange and Dining Dollars)

Friday, May 22, 2020

Commencement Brunch from 12pm to 4pm at East Side Dining

*Subject to change