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Meet Your Wellness Leader and Campus Registered Dietitian

Laura Martorano, MS, RD, CDN
Phone: (631) 632-9979
Cell: (631) 372-1293
Office: 157 East Side Dining (adjacent to the Emporium)

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About Me

My name is Laura Martorano and I am the Registered Dietitian for the campus dining program at Stony Brook University. I have been practicing as a RD for over a decade within various settings such as healthcare, private practice, and sports nutrition. I received my master's degree in Clinical Nutrition and am certified within the state of New York as Dietitian-Nutritionist. My role on campus is to ensure every student can eat  nourishing and delicious meals on campus!

My Philosophy

Eating well is a combination of nutrition practices that are tailored to your everyday needs, both on and off campus. Learning to “Eat Well” while you are on campus, is a concept that will not only be helpful for your studies but will become your foundation when you eventually graduate and have pack your lunch for the first time when you start your new job!

Campus Wellness Includes…

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Individualized and Group Wellness Coaching, Medical Nutrition Therapy & Functional Nutrition and more!