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Food Allergies & Avoiding Gluten

Eat Well at SBU believes that the best nutrition practice is customization. Every food allergy or dietary intolerance should not and cannot be treated the same.

We support students and faculty who have food allergies and dietary intolerances. As a team, we will make a collaborative effort to ensure you have an opportunity to dine on campus. With reasonable customization and strategic planning, we can create delicious meal plans that coincide with each person’s  special dietary needs.

Safety is our number one priority when it comes to food allergies and dietary intolerances. Our goal is to provide everyone with a great opportunity to dine with us on campus along with a safe and supportive dining environment.

Avoiding Gluten Options Around Campus

Allergen-Safe-T Kits & Purple Utensils

Allergen Saf-T Zone KitIn Fall 2022, We rolled out the Allergen-Safe-T-Kits into our dining locations around campus. These are also known as the “purple kits” and offer an opportunity for a student to receive a customized meal on separate cooking smallwares. We expanded these kits to have separate cooking vessels like pots, pans, spoons, baking sheets and more to help a student receive a customized and allergen-sensitive experience. We have designated the purple colored utensils to handle all food allergen and dietary intolerance concerns only. It is best to speak with the campus RD to ensure your meal is completed in a timely manner!

Food Allergy Guide Coming Soon!


Connect with Laura

It is highly recommended to create a profile with Practice Better to let Laura know about your food allergies, dietary intolerances or special needs!


Key Points for Navigating Food Allergies, Special Diets and Dietary Intolerances



Please note that all of the 9 major allergens (sesame, egg, milk, wheat, shellfish, fish, soy, peanut and tree nuts), and other potential allergens are present in our cafe in various forms.  Products may also change without our knowledge.  We ask that you consult with your chef or manager to discuss ingredients and/or food preparation methods. We continually strive to avoid cross-contact, however, all our menu offerings are prepared and cooked in a shared environment where there is a risk of cross-contact/exposure.


Avoiding Gluten? Program

The Avoiding Gluten? program is a new labeling system for recipes that were made without gluten and/or gluten-containing ingredients. Icons will reflect these recipes in our menu line-up. We are not a gluten-free facility, and our dining halls contain items that contain gluten or have been in contact with gluten. As stated, the Avoiding Gluten? Icon will appear on recipes that were MADE without gluten. The recipes that are chosen to be a part of the Avoiding Gluten? Program have been manually selected. If the recipe is not labeled for Avoiding Gluten? please reach out to the campus registered dietitian to inquire about the recipe.


West Side Dining (Nut-Sensitive Facility)

West Side Dining is a nut-sensitive facility. We do not intentionally prepare our menus with any nuts or tree nuts ingredients. However, products and ingredients may change and may be processed in facilities that contain/handle peanuts and tree nuts, both without our knowledge.  West Side Dining does handle and prepare foods with the remaining top allergens (sesame, egg, wheat, milk, shellfish, fish, and soy) along with other potential allergens, all in various forms. We ask that you consult with your chef or manager to discuss ingredients and/or food preparation methods.

Medical and Nutrition Disclaimer

Please do not diagnose a food allergy on our own or take medical advice from an unlicensed professional.  Suspected food allergies and dietary intolerances should always be evaluated, diagnosed, and treated by a medical professional.  The information in this packet is for educational purposes only. This is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical needs and all information could be subject to change at any given point.  For most up to date information, please reach out to the campus registered dietitian.