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Full-Width Video for Promo Sections

video embedsYou can embed YouTube or Vimeo videos into promo sections using one of four full-width video embed snippets.

These snippets include a background image. You can choose a YouTube or Vimeo video, and choose between having promotional text above the video or not.

When you click on the snippet button in the toolbar, choose the 'Photo and Video' category and you will be able to choose among the following:

- Promo Section - YouTube Video
- Promo Section: YouTube + Headers (allows for header text above the video)
- Vimeo Full-Width (1 column)
- 1 Column - Vimeo Full-Width + Headers  (allows for header text above the video)

Note that there are 2 other options for embedding a video into a main content area.

A pop-up video button snippet is also available.


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