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Photo and Video

There are several snippets that allow you to easily embed or place photos and videos with captions and other information.

Snippets often include a placeholder image that you will need to replace with an image of your own. In this case, delete the path of the placeholder image from the 'Source' field FIRST, then browse to your images folder. If you do not delete the image path and click browse, the system will take you to the images folder where the placeholder image resides, which is not in your site folder.

If the image is a background image for a snippet, do not delete the image path. In this case, just click the browse icon so you can browse among SBU-approved and properly formatted background images.

Video Snippet

Embed a YouTube or Vimeo video on your page in the main content area.

Photo with Caption

Place a photo on a page with a caption.

Interactive Caption Snippet

Allows you to place an expandable photo caption over a full-width image.

Full-Width Popup Grid

Place a full-width section on a page with 8 image boxes that can either link to content or have videos open in a pop-up window.

1 Column - Video Full Width

Embed a large video in a Promo Section of your page.

Single Photo Hero Image

Allows you to use a snippet in the first promo section as your home page Hero image instead of an image gallery asset